Celebrity Interview: Bridal Beauty Tips with Celebrity Gossip Columnist, Micah Jesse

Celebrity Gossip Columnist, Micah Jesse stopped by this morning to share his top beauty tips and product favorites for brides on their wedding day! 


Screen Shot, Micah Jesse, Celebrity Gossip Columnist, Candace RoseScreen Shot: Bridal Beauty Tips with Celebrity Gossip Columnist, Micah Jesse



Candace Rose: What are the first steps brides-to-be need to take when planning for their big day?

Micah Jesse: "Well, there's a few short steps and a few really great products that are really going to help any bride-to-be look bride beautiful, starting with a kissable, soft pout, I'm sure every bride out there is going to agree. You want to make sure that you start conditioning your lips now and not wait because you don't want to show up to your wedding day with chapped, dry lips. Right now I'm loving Nivea's A Kiss of Smoothness lip care line. It's so fabulous because it's enriched with jojoba and shea butter, which is going to provide a lot of smoothness and moisture to your lips and it also has an SPF 4, so it's going to really protect against that summer sun; so, that's especially to those brides out there that are having a summer wedding. It's your something blue, so you know you can wear it underneath your favorite lip color or as just a regular natural color itself. But either way, you're going to be making your lips pouty and perfect for the most important kiss of your life. This product is available at Amazon.com/Beauty."


Nivea A Kiss Of SmoothnessNivea – A Kiss of Smoothness Hydrating SPF 4 Lip Care (Pack of 2) – Amazon.com


CR: How about when it comes to makeup and skincare? 

MJ: "Makeup and skincare is obviously important and right now I'm totally obsessed with RapidLash; the reason why is because every bride wants luscious lashes and brows on their wedding day. RapidLash is great because it's paraben-free and it's an eyelash enhancing serum that's going to help make your lashes appear healthier, stronger and fuller looking and what's great about it is it's over the counter, you don't need a prescription. You can pretty much get it anywhere and you're going to see guaranteed results in about 30 days and in just one tube, so that's pretty fabulous."


  RapidLash micah jesse interview bridesRapidLash Eyelash (and Eyebrow) Enhancer – RapidLash.com


CR: We all know how important beautiful hair is to women, especially brides. Do you have any tips on obtaining gorgeous locks?

MJ: "Absolutely! Pantene has an amazing, amazing new hair collection called 'the restore beautiful lengths collection' and this collection is fabulous because what it does is the shampoo and conditioner are going to help really condition the hair to make it really strong, and smooth, and luscious, and sleek; all the great words that brides want to use to describe their hair on their wedding day, so the shampoo and conditioner are great for that. And then there's also smoothing balm which is going to help tame those flyaways that a lot of girls really worry about on their wedding day and it's also going to help control the summer frizz, so Pantene has a great few products for that, for sure."



31pTWUT2fpL._SL500_AA300_Pantene Pro-V – Restore Beautiful Lengths Frizz Control Conditioner – Amazon.com


CR: Do you have any additional information or tips you'd like to share?

MJ: "Well, actually you can find out more information about all these products and so much more at LifeMinute.TV and you can follow me personally, Micah Jesse on twitter @MicahJesse and you can check me out on my website, MicahJesse.com."



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