Interview: Planning the Perfect Summer Trip for the Kids with Mom Central’s Stacy Debroff

 I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Stacy Debroff of Mom Central who shared her favorite tips on planning the perfect road trip with the kids. From first aid tips to what to pack in your suitcase, Stacy has all that and more to make your vacation a hit with the kids!


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Candace Rose:  What are the first steps travelers must take when planning for their summer getaways?

Stacy Debroff: "One of the things that's great about the summer is it's time for adventures whether it's day trips near where you live or hitting the road for longer excursions and adventures. So what I wanted to share was some survival tips to make sure you have with you things to make sure they don't wreck your vacation. And one of the first things I recommend is bed bug spray. There's a national epidemic going on, a rise in bed bugs. I was actually staying about a month ago in a very nice hotel in Chicago, I woke up in the morning and I had bed bug bites down my arm, so I've resolved to carry it with me and really encourage everyone else. It's all natural, green, pesticide free. I love that you can use it around kids and pets but it also kills 100% of bed bugs when you spray it on bed bug prone areas – around the corner of mattresses or drawers where you'll put your clothes so the only critters that come home with you as you're out and about is your kids but definitely no bugs."


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CR: Do you have any tips for those traveling by car this summer?

SD: "When you're traveling by car one of the first tips I have is to make sure that you've checked and updated your first aid kit. I was on a recent trip with my kids for the weekend and I realized that my car is 8 years old and so is my first aid kit and so you want to make sure that you check. I realize that a bunch of things had expired or were old or had been covered with dust and dirt, so some of the basics that you want to have on hand for cuts and scrapes is an antibacterial ointment like Neosporin that will kill any bacterial infections and also minimized scarring. And for Band-Aids one of the things that I found that I really love especially as my kids are in and out of the water (actually my whole family is); Water Block Plus and they stay on, they're clear and they'll stay on even when you get wet and still keep dirt and germs away, so just those basics. 


 Stacy's First Aid Favorites: 

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    Another thing in the car is to make sure you have a cooler packed with cold beverages. You never know when you're in between places, you can't find snacks or you don't know where to stop. Sometimes to stop fighting you can put a soft luggage between your kids, it can also serve as a game stop but that is really effective 'luggage between your children' is like the car safety tip. Another thing is if you're traveling with small kids and you're going to stay some place else like at a hotel – masking tape is a really fast fix for child proofing. You can tape it over electrical outlets and use it to hold back any dangling cords from blinds. Something to throw in the car if you have young kids and one of the other things that I got as a tip from a mom at Mom Central was to have bright colored t-shirts so your family can find each other and you can find your kids when you enter crowded places – water parks, amusement parks; anywhere that is often hard to keep track of each other as you're out and about in the crowds."

CR: Do you have any additional information you'd like to share? 

SD: "One of the things that is also really helpful if you're going overseas – pack a copy of your passport and put it in your luggage, even if you're just driving out and about; copy your drivers license and your credit cards so you have those numbers accessible if you should lose one and need a replacement or if you need to have your drivers license and you've lost it. The other thing too is to really take advantage of the summer if you do have kids and to make it into an adventure. One of the things that is so great is kids have exploring. I always make it a policy of spontaneity that we'll stop at whatever looks interesting – it could be a farm stand, it could look like a great climbing tree, a creek bed to explore, sheep sitting in a pasture. This idea that kids can feel the sense of freedom that you have safety around them but that they're also free to roam and go and take hikes or just explore all sorts of things around you is just an amazing thing to take advantage of."

CR: Where can we go for more information?

SD: "Candace, for more information I encourage everyone to come to for more of these summer survival tips and also if you want great fun ideas for the summer, come to my website which is"


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