Interview: Ellen Miller, Senior Editor of Shape Magazine On Allergy & Summer Sun Safety

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ellen Miller, Senior Editor of Shape magazine to discuss skin cancer prevention, where you can be screened for free and how you can fight off those summertime allergies once and for all!


N500031672_1985568_6069768-1Ellen Miller, Senior Beauty Editor of Shape – Image via Twitter

Candace Rose: With summer quickly approaching, what is the latest in sun safety?

Ellen Miller: "That's a great question. Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, so to protect yourself you really want to choose a sunscreen that contains broad spectrum coverage that will shield your skin from both UVA rays and UVB rays. What I'm loving right now is the Aveeno HYDROSPORT line. It's formulated to go onto wet skin and has an exclusive active natural lotus – super great if you have kids who are hopping in and out of the pool. You can apply it directly to a damp skin and at $11 you can feel really confident and comfortable using it each and every single day which is super important in the summer months. No matter what the weather, you want to make sure you're applying sunscreen. Another important tip for skin cancer prevention is to see your dermatologist once a year for your annual skin cancer check. One easy way to do this – Aveeno is partnering with the skin cancer foundation, they've customized this really awesome RV, they're taking it across the country and to find out when this RV is coming near you all you have to do is go to and they're going to find out when you can get that free sunscreen and that free screening, so check that out.


Spray-hydrosport-spf85-largedAVEENO HYDROSPORT –


    Another hot topic when it comes to sun care right now is vitamin D. And the reason is because a lot of people wonder if they are applying sunscreen are they going to get enough vitamin D? Well, the answer is a lot of dermatologists agree that it's not okay to expose your skin to those dangerous UV rays just to get that vitamin D. The healthy way to get that vitamin is through a supplement, so you want to check out Viactiv Soft Chews. Now just 2 a day are going to give you your daily dose of vitamin D and calcium and what I love about them is that they're delicious. They come in a lot of tasty flavors like caramel, raspberry, milk chocolate. You want to check those out, you can pick them up at the drugstore."


  31jTijLMapL._AA300_Viactiv Calcium Plus D Soft Chews (Caramel) – Amazon


CR: Do you have any tips for allergy sufferers this season?

EM: "I absolutely do. Well, more Americans than ever are suffering from allergies right now, so what you want to do is first and foremost get those allergies in check. Things like mold and mildew, things like pet dander and then you want to stay ahead of your symptoms by taking a really great allergy medication. One over the counter one is Zyrtec. It's really great because it's the number one allergist recommended brand. It's going to help you manage even the worst allergy symptoms. I know I always get the itchy eyes, I sneeze a lot, so this one thing is going to help. Another great thing that the company has done is to really help you get ahead of those allergy symptoms by providing you with a couple of tools on their website. You want to log onto, they have a great allergy tracking tool. You put in your zip code, it's going to tell you the weather report, it's going to track the pollen count for that day, it's going to tell you about the conditions for your area so you can be prepared. If you want to get super high tech you can also download their allergy cast iPhone app. – it's really great. It's going to give you even more personalized advice for the allergy conditions in your area."


51iml5rKysL._AA300_Zyrtec Allergy Relief – Amazon


CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

EM: "For even more tips you can head to lots of great sun care tips for summer or you can get lots of great tips on how to prevent those allergies. It's a really important topic for this time of year, thanks for letting me share it with you!"


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