Interview: Planning the Perfect Summer Party for Kids with Lifestyle Expert, Amy E. Goodman

With the kids out for summer, Author and Lifestyle Expert, Amy E. Goodman stopped by to share ideas on planning the perfect pool-party-palooza and sports-a-thon; and offered tips on staying safe in the sweltering heat this summer! 


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Candace Rose: How can you prepare your family for a safe and fun summer season?

Amy E. Goodman: "Well, safety being number 1, the first thing you can do is make sure those kiddos and yourself are really, really hydrated. Take bottles of water and juice. As they're running out the door, they can remember to grab their designated water bottle before they head out. The next is sunscreen, make sure you use a broad spectrum protection – UVA, UVB protective sunscreen. I happen to love Banana Boat. They have a wide array of products for the family and three new ones this summer that speak exactly to that including an SPF of 119. Also, the next one is a family style pump bottle which makes it super easy for application and last but not least the tear free and sting free set of products for the babies and the kids. And Candace, this is something we really need to take seriously because skin cancer is the number 1 cancer in America affecting 1 in 5 Americans; so like 20% of your followers will have close contact with skin cancer in the course of their lifetime. So, something positive that you can do is log onto the Banana Boat facebook page, click on their SUN 101 quiz – it takes 30 seconds to do. It's really fast and easy and on your behalf they'll donate $1 to the skin cancer foundation with donations up to $101,000."


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CR: What are some cost effective outdoor activities for the whole family?

AG: "When it comes to activities I really believe in being creative with things that you already have and doing the staycation if you will. One idea is the pool-party-palooza. I did this recently for my daughter and we have one baby pool but I brought out some other baby pools from my friends, a Slip 'N Slide, sprinklers and just make a great big water park out of your backyard. Keep handy and ready with goggles for all the kids and water guns as well and then a stack of towels and hats for the adults who are watching.

    The next idea is a sports-a-thon which means transforming a portion of your backyard into a great big obstacle course. You can invite neighbors to come and join using wagons for a wagon pull, having water balloons for that kind of toss. These are really fun, easy ideas as we were talking about before. If you have a lot of babies in the neighborhood you can do the "great baby race" with a very short start to finish line, so at least one baby finishes that crawl. Of course all along you're wearing sunscreen. You need about a golf ball sized amount of sunscreen to cover you from head to toe for good measure. Also you need to reapply every 2 hours as I mentioned or after swimming because when you use a towel and you wipe down on your body to dry off, you're rubbing sunscreen off at the same time. Just to make sure everyone is safe and has a great summer, you need to make sure that you are wearing sunscreen at all times." 


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CR: Do you have any additional tips or information you'd like to share?

AG: "When it comes to sun protection you can also use a hat, UV lensed sunglasses, UV protected swimsuits and clothing. For additional or any parts of your body that's exposed; make sure you cover with sunscreen. For great ideas on more activities and tips – you can go to Banana Boat's facebook page which is constantly updated. Don't forget to take the Sun 101 quiz."


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