Interview: Father’s Day Gift Ideas with Tech Expert, Chris Leary

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with tech guru, Chris Leary, who shared his favorite gift ideas for dads of all ages this Father's Day. 


6a01127964c54a28a40147e3b94495970bChris Leary – Fox All Access


Candace Rose: With Father's Day a week away, what are some must have gifts for dad this year?

Chris Leary: "Well, instead of a tie this year maybe you can get him an HP Pavilion DMI laptop. It's powered by AMD Fusion, very powerful. It also has something called cool sense technology. It automatically adjusts the cooling level, so it's comfortable on the lap for dad. It's also less than an inch thin, 3.5 pounds and gives you 10 hours of battery life. You can pick it up for $490 at"


Scp_nbHP Pavilion Laptop DM1Z Series – HP

    Also, especially we're talking about good prices, the Wii system actually came down in price pretty well. It's under $150, so you can pretty much get dads of all ages into the game. With that you get the console, Mario Kart game, the Wii wheel and you can also also expand his library with Nintendo Selects. You get 4 game titles like Legend of Zelda for under $20 each. 


Loz_tp_boxLegends of Zelda – Nintendo Selects


Mss_boxMario Super Sluggers – Nintendo Selects


    Now if your dad loves sports or he loves movies or he just loves tv's this will knock his socks off, it's unbelievable – it's Sharps new 70 inch LCD tv. It's the largest one on the market and boy if you thought the 55 inch tv's were big, this has 62% more viewing area and Sharp's got something like quad-pixel technology which gives you deeper blues and richer golds. It's beautiful. Also they offer something called Aquos Advantage live, so that means the technicians can get to your tv through the internet and fix it and get the picture perfect for you, so you just sit back and watch them while they're out somewhere in whatever area they are in an office take care of your tv for you while you don't have to worry about it.


2047632_sbSharp  - AQUOS 70" HDTV – Best Buy


    If your dad loves music, this is great – Cricket offers something called 'Muve Music,' and it gives dad unlimited full track downloads of music and also offers unlimited calling, text and data all for $55 a month. There's no contracts, no download fees but you have to visit to see if it's available around you.


Hero156Muve Music –


    Now for those dads who are backyard barbecue or boat enthusiasts; actually I have one in my kitchen (shown below), this actually takes tap water and turns it into a carbonated soft drink or sparkling water – it's called the New Fizz and it's a new home drinks maker. It's from Soda Stream and that fizz chip display on the front shows the amount of co2 remaining and the strength of the carbonation's. It doesn't use any batteries or plugs or anything, it just uses the carbonation from the co2 charge back there. It's great and also going to help dad from moving the bottles back and forth when mom gets home from the grocery store so he can just make it right there at home, so that's kind of nice – always taking care of dad for Father's Day." 


51KjEnvCB0L._SL500_AA300_SodaStream Soda Maker –


CR: Where can we go for more information?

CL: "Glad you asked, my favorite e-magazine" 


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