Celebrity Interview: Superstar Country Singer Justin Moore Releases New Album, Outlaws Like Me

On Monday I had the pleasure of speaking with highly acclaimed country singer, Justin Moore who was live from a bass boat in New York City's Central Park to discuss the release of his new album, "Outlaws Like Me!" 


cmt.com, justin mooreJustin Moore – Image Courtesy of CMT.com

Candace Rose: For those who don't know, you're joining us live from a bass boat in New York City's Central Park! How are you this morning?

Justin Moore: "I'm great! Anytime I'm on the water, I am doing good."


screen shot justin moore central park nyc candacerose.com candace roseScreen Shot: Justin Moore in a bass boat in NYC Central Park on June 20, 2011


CR: Congratulations on the release of your new album, "Outlaws Like Me!"

JM: "Thank you very much, we're excited about it. It blows me away that I've had the opportunity to make a second album and thanks to the fans we got to make another one, so I hope they're as excited about it as we are."

CR: I have to tell you I'm excited about it. I listened to the cd over the weekend and I have to tell you I love it! I'm a huge fan of traditional country music.

JM: "Thank you very much, I appreciate it. Yeah, it was important to us to make as country of an album as possible because that's what I grew up on and I wanted to make an album people could listen to 20 years from now. So, hopefully we've done our best to do that."


Justin-moore-outlaws-like-me-300x300Justin Moore – Outlaws Like Me – Image Courtesy of SavingCountryMusic.com

CR: You wrote 11 songs on this album, what would you say inspired you or who inspired you?

JM: "You know what, as a songwriter what inspires me is everyday experiences that I go through. You write best about what you know, so that worked on the first album. I think people got a firm grasp of who I am as a person and as an artist which allowed us to branch out a little more on this record and do some different things. Specifically as who influenced me? Personally, my family – my mom and dad; musically, the same laundry list as everybody else – Waylon, Willie, Merle Haggard and my favorite artist of all time is Dwight Yoakam."

CR: Your new single "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away" has already reached #5 on the country charts; did you know upon recording it that it would resonate with so many people?

JM: "You know what, in the least amount of way possible for me not to sound conceited, I kind of did. It's just one of those songs. I just really felt it. It's just one of those in my opinion that didn't come along very often and even though I didn't write the song, I felt like I was in the room with them when the songwriters did write it. I've learned through other songs that we've had on the radio that if it's personal to me, it's personal to a lot of people, so I'm excited about the fact that we were right on this one."

CR: You toured earlier this year with Miranda Lambert on her Revolution Tour and recently joined Rascal Flatts, Flatts Fest Tour. Can you tell us what the highlights have been thus far and what you're looking forward to? 

JM: "Miranda and I became buddies on the Brad Paisley tour last year and I'm real excited we had the opportunity to go out and do that. It's a lot of fun to be on the road with your buddies, and just kicked off the Rascal Flatts tour and me and my band didn't train wreck anything, so we're excited about that. We're looking forward to going out with those guys this entire summer and playing in front of a lot of people."


Flatts Fest DatesRascal Flatts Flatts Fest Tour Dates – Image Courtesy of Rascal Flatts NC BLOG


CR: What are your favorite songs to sing on stage? Do you prefer the ballads or the songs that get the crowd up and moving?

JM: "I kind of lean towards more of getting the crowd up and moving. I enjoy playing music live no matter what it is but I usually enjoy playing the ones that get them up and moving. Of course I'm never going to complain about playing no matter what it is, slow or fast."

CR: Do you have a favorite song on this album?

JM: "I do. My favorite song on this album is "Outlaws Like Me," the title track. It's my favorite song I've ever written. If I've written a song I think will touch people's lives in a positive way, I think this is it."

CR: What influenced "Outlaws Like Me?" 

JM: "I grew up in a town of 300 people and when you do that and do this for a living; it's obviously two completely separate worlds. I grew up in a town where the things that matter, I kind of got away from when I enjoyed a little bit of success and fame, and through writing this song on this album I got to putting the things on the top of my priority list again that were supposed to be there."


Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 1.20.24 PMScreen Shot: Justin Moore live in bass boat from NYC Central Park 


CR: Going back to 2009, you had a #1 hit with "Small Town USA" on your self-titled debut album which was also named one of the best albums of 2009 by the New York Times. Is this something that you could have ever imagined?

JM: "No. Just like anything else I was cautiously optimistic. All you can do is make an album and let the chips fall where they may. Not unlike any other business, this business the artist cannot control. So to enjoy the success we have has just been great. I just have to say a huge thank you to country radio for that; for playing my records and all the fans and as far as I guess having it be critically acclaimed, there's not a whole lot that you can do about that to worry about that. It happens or it don't. It's a huge honor."

CR: Thank you so much, Justin. Where can your fans purchase your new album, "Outlaws Like Me?"

JM: "You can go right now to order it on NRACountry.com. Of course you can go iTunes; my website is MooreJustinMusic.com and all of the above."


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