Interview: Summer Party Ideas with TV Personality Sissy Biggers

With Memorial day a few days away, television personality, Sissy Biggers was kind enough to share her favorite tips for planning the perfect summer party, ideas on what to serve your guests and how to win a trip on Celebrity Cruise line's new ship, Silhouette!


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Candace Rose: With summer fast approaching and the weather heating up, do you have any suggestions for prepping for an outdoor party?

Sissy Biggers: "Well, the first thing you want to prep, Candace, is your serving wear because it's going to travel now from the kitchen out to the barbecue or maybe it's going to the beach or the campsite and it's a good time to check your supply of good quality shatter resistant plastic ware because that means it's lightweight and can travel and now there are so many elegant and pretty designs. And of course most plastics are recyclable or reusable, so that means you're a sustainable hostess and your guests appreciate that. If you go to, you can find out other ways to integrate plastics into your life and it gives you a chance of winning some of these pretty pieces." 

CR: Everybody loves a summer barbecue, do you have any tips?

SB: "I've got the hot dog tip for you, first of all we consume some 7 billion during the summer season, Candace, that means your guests will be enjoying maybe 1, 2 or 3 per person, maybe more but at that point we stop counting, don't we as host and hostess? But while they're enjoying that many hot dogs give them what they want, a good quality 100% beef hot dog. Ball Park franks has their new new deli style beef franks, this is the one to look for. It has no artificial flavor or color and no added MSG. It means it's a good quality, they call it the 'New York Tradition,' so great flavor as a compliment to all of your condiments. Be sure and put out a whole variety of condiments and for other grilling ideas for Ball Park become a fan on – get tips and a chance to win their summer sweepstakes for some really great grilling party party around the 4th of July."


Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 7.53.14 PMCandace Rose Screenshot – Ball Park Franks

CR: Do you have any tips on making the perfect drink?

SB: "Oh the perfect drink, well the drink that I'm actually thinking of right now would be on the high seas because that's another thing that I really wanted to share with you, Candace, is that you can now grill a board ship, Celebrity Cruise line is launching their newest ship, The Silhouette, will be sailing the Mediterranean and the Holy Land twelve days beginning in July to the end of October. All of these beautiful ports of call and while you're aboard the guests can do an interactive lawn club grilling party. That means the top deck overlooking a lawn at the lawn club – a real grass lawn that you can brush up on your grilling skills with the master chefs aboard the Silhouette and then enjoy these incredible ports of call. Check out for that and then lastly, Candace, a quick tip on Asian inspired flavors at your next barbecue because you know our palates now we're so adventurous, the world's gotten so small when it comes to food and Thai Kitchen is the place you can find all those wonderful exotic and authentic Asian flavors. This is the 'Red Sweet Chili,' 'Pineapple Chili,' 'Spicy Thai Mangos,' (shown below) they've got wonderful sauteed dipping sauces to make a simple chicken skewer into a really great grilling experience. So check out for all their really fun ideas."


Silhouette_heroCelebrity Silhouette – Celebrity Cruises


Logo_thaikitchenThai Kitchen

CR: Where can we go for more information?

SB: "You can go to"


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