Interview: Manoush Robin’s Mother’s Day Favorites

Earlier this week I had the chance to speak with Manoush Robin of Media Bistro and former BBC reporter to go over her top Mother's day gifts for MOM! If you're a last minute shopper be sure to check out her favorites.


  MZManoush Robin –


Candace Rose: What are some must have items for Mother's Day?

Manoush Robin: "Well, what we want to do is we want to show mom that being high tech is easy to do, it's going to help her relax and it's going to make her look very cool. I want to start out by telling you about a new tablet that I found. Tablets are so hot, tablet computers. I found a good one for moms, it's the Acer Iconia Tab A500. It's going to give mom the entertainment break that she deserves. It's sleek, it's stylish at 10 inches, it weighs just 1.5 pounds and it supports flash and with its new super high res. display plus the new Android 3.0 honeycomb operating system, well in plain language basically that means mom can play games. She can even watch high quality blu-ray movies or she can hook it up to a big screen HDTV and this one is only available at Best Buy and it's a reasonable price for a tablet, $449."


Acer_iconia_tab_a500_871594_g5Acer Iconia Tab A500 – PC World

CR: What about cell phones? 

MR: "Cell phones are very, very big and what also is big with cell phones, not only how easy they are to use but also the fact that they're eco-friendly. There's a new one coming out and that's called the Samsung Replenish and it's the first eco-friendly Android smartphone from Samsung and Sprint. It comes in recyclable packaging, it's partially made from recycled plastics and it's preloaded with the new Sprint green 10 pack which has eco-friendly news and apps. Now this one isn't available until Mother's Day itself, you can take mom down to the store, it's only $50 with a two year contract but you know  there are some moms who prefer a prepaid option for their green phone and I found another one, it's the Samsung Restore and that one is available from Virgin Mobile without a contract. They can sort of pay as they go." 


Samsung_restore_angle1Samsung Restore – Virgin Mobile

CR: Are these items fairly easy to use?

MR: "You know, they are super easy and I think a lot of moms don't realize that technology is really coming into different places in the home. I've got something actually for the kitchen, we know that mom works hard to save money and be less wasteful. I've got the Genesis soda maker from SodaStream and it does just that. It turns water into soda in seconds which is great for the kids, they can get their energy drinks and their colas but now mom's not lugging home bottles from the store and then hauling them out for recycling and less waste is going to mean more room in her pantry.


6a01127964c54a28a40154321183e1970cSodaStream Soda Maker Kit – HSN


    I've got to tell you about my last one, my favorite! I saved it for the best. This is my ultimate fantasy, I would be so thrilled if my husband digitized all my old baby and college photos. Well, I found an easy service that does that, it's called FotoBridge and what they do is they scan your photos, they run them through a special process that gets rid of fading and dust and red eye and then they send them back to you on a dvd so you can use them however you like. It only takes a few days to do it and it's such a great way to keep all those old pictures safe. Now if you want to find out more information about all of those it's"




CR: Will this service take care of old negatives and old polaroids?

MR: "Yes, that's exactly what they do. You can send them up to 250 prints and it's only $45 and they make sure that they track the photos that you put in the mail to them and then they do free shipping back. Some people get nervous about putting your old precious photos in the mail but you don't have to be. They only lost one once and it was tracked down at FedEx headquarters. It's a great, great service because I know I have so many shoe boxes filled with old photos that I would like space back in my closet."


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