Interview: Tara Kraft Editor-in-Chief of Shape Magazine Shares Sunless Beauty Tips for Summer

With May being Skin Cancer Awareness month, Tara Kraft Editor-in-Chief of Shape magazine was kind enough to join me and share her favorite beauty tips for staying stylish and safe for summer. 


Editor-in-chief11_07Tara Kraft, Editor-in-Chief of Shape 


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips on staying stylish and safe this summer?

Tara Kraft: "I have four very important tips! The most important one is to stay sun protected. You must use sunblock every single day from head to toe. One of my favorite sunblocks is SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. It's weightless, it's chemical free, it's got broad-spectrum protection, it also enhances your skin tone and boosts your radiance. Now an extra tip when it comes to sun protection is to layer it with an antioxidant serum. SkinCeuticals happens to make one that's called C E Ferulic. I highly recommend using the two together and you should check out their new facebook page because they have launched a programed called Prevent. Protect. Get Checked. and all the proceeds benefit melanoma research. 


XL_SC065Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 – SkinCeuticals


XL_SC022C E Ferulic – SkinCeuticals


187786_207391868502_200066_nFacebook SkinCeuticals 

CR: With summer fast approaching, many of us will be heading to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures. Are UV nail lamps safe?

TK: "You know, UV nail lamps – the amount of time that you're actually exposed to the UV light is not much longer than the three minutes of the sun exposure you get per day driving a car, so I wouldn't fret about it too much. At Shape magazine I believe that you should be wearing sunscreen from head to toe every single day, so as long as you wear sunscreen on your hands and on your feet you're fine, and that's something else I should make mention of – CND the company who is famous for shellac manicures has now launched Shellac Power Polish pedicures, so you can have toe polish which lasts all summer long. It'll be amazing and chip free. Also CND has this solar oil that I live that really moisturizes your cuticles and nails with vitamin e and jojoba, I highly recommend you check it out.


Product-solaroil-ConsumerCND Solar Oil – CND


    But that's not the only thing that we think about during the summer, we think about our hair too, right? Well, Wella Professionals has just launched this new line of haircare. It's formulated to protect against the summer elements – shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling products. This particular line that I have right here is the Brilliance collection. It's made specifically for color treated hair and I love it because as we know your color can fade during the summer. It can turn brassy, it can even turn a little green if you're blonde, so these products work to combat that, so head to to find a salon near you to rush out and pick 'em up. And there's another beach bag essential I'd love to bring up and that would be Visine Summer Spectrum relief eye drops. They're the first and only eye drops targeted for summer time redness relief and eye irritation. A trio of lubricants is in the formula as well as a redness reliever and they really work to get the red out in seconds because if you think about it- chlorine, salt water, the sun and even the wind really make your eyes stingy and tingly during the summer."


Image.cfmVisine Summer Spectrum Relief – image courtesy of Daily Med


CR: What are the must have trends for summer in terms of beauty?

TK: "You need to cover up. Beauty in fashion, I think border a line. I would recommend some great sunglasses to shield those eyes. I always wear a lip gloss that has SPF 15 or higher in it for sure. I would definitely wear a sarong or a cover-up at all times when you're on the beach and not in the water."

CR: Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

TK: "Well, I think that you should invest in a sunless tanner if you like the sunless glow. Use sunless tanner to get that, do not ever, ever sunbathe."

CR: Do you have any recommendations for a sunless tanner that doesn't make you orange?

TK: "Well, honestly today's formulas be it the ones you find in the drugstore or at stores like Sephora, they're all fantastic. It's been years since any sunless tanner has made a woman orange, so I really recommend trying anything that's new on the market because they do definitely work and beautifully."


P234458_heroHampton Sun – Sunless Tanning Gel – Sephora

CR: Where can we go for more information?

TK: "You can go to LifeMinute.TV or


174881_17110490676_3897873_nFacebook – Shape Magazine


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