Interview: Going Green On A Budget with Eco-Expert Sophie Uliano of Gorgeously Green

Thinking of going green but lack the willpower? Little changes can make a huge impact such as using recyclable pet products and buying in bulk, according to Eco-Expert, Sophie Uliano of Gorgeously Green, whom I spoke with recently on becoming eco-friendly on a budget. 


Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 10.04.13 PMSophie Uliano 


Candace Rose: Do you have any tips for those looking to go green?

Sophie Uliano: "I do, I have some tips this morning. These are easy tips, no big deal, won't compromise on cost or convenience. So, one of the tips I have is pets. If you're a pet lover, particularly a cat lover, I highly recommend that you look for this new cat litter which is called The World's Best Cat Litter, now why it's called the world's best cat litter is because it's the only cat litter in the world that's all natural, it's made out of whole corn kernels and these corn kernels provide this unbelievable odor control, they're fast clumping, long lasting and the really great thing is that you can flush them. They're flushable, so keeps it out of the landfill, so that's a really good tip to look for an eco-friendly cat litter and you can actually go to and they will donate. You can vote for free and they will donate cat littler to local animal shelters which is lovely.


Worlds-best-cat-litterThe World's Best Cat Litter – World'


    Another tip this morning is recycling plastic, so ziploc bags, conveniences that most of us can't give up, Ziploc bags are now recyclable, so you find a local participating outlet that would be your local grocery store that has an existing recycle bin for their plastic grocery bags. You can put your used Ziploc bags into those bins, no problem. The incentive is that recyclers have teamed up with recycle banks. You go to, pledge to recycle your Ziploc bags and you will get rewards for that for all sorts of goodies, so that's a really great tip. 


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    Equally important is recycled fiber products, so the amazing thing is if every household in America switched to recycled fiber products for just one month we would save over 2 million trees from being cut down, however 1/3 of Americans are reluctant to do it because they don't necessarily like the feel and the look of these recycled products, so I have a 'hybrid' recycled fiber product by Scott Naturals. Now why it's 'hybrid' is that it combines the green benefits of the recycled fibers but has exactly the same quality as a traditional paper product. That comes in the towels, and the toilet rolls, and the napkins, and the moist flushable wipes, so again with all of these tips you can still have your convenience, it's not going to cost you more and yet you're taking steps in the right direction to be a little more eco-friendly."

CR: Are there any other places inside the home you can look to, to cut down on waste?

SU: "You can cut down on waste with packaging. You really want to think of your packaging, so when you go to the grocery store buy in bulk; see if you can find a grocery store or a health food store that has bulk bins that will considerably cut down on packaging. Pretty much everything you buy try and buy it in bulk whether it's laundry detergent or whatever it might be, the bigger container the better because you really are cutting back and another tip for cutting back on waste is maybe this year start thinking about composting. It's very, very easy to do and it's so satisfying to think that all of your food scraps can go into making this wonderful fertilizer for your yard, so that's a tip I would give to everybody to start this year.


Compost12363Compost –


        For lots more tips along these lines, do visit me at because there's lots of how to videos and tips and all sorts of things that I show you there. If you want to learn more about these particular products you can go to"


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