Interview: Everything You Need To Know About Tablet PC’s with Marc Silverstein

Are you in the market for a new tablet PC, but need help with choosing the right one for you? TV host and media personality, Marc Silverstein is here with all the answers to help make your purchase a little easier for you.


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Candace Rose: What is the future of tablet PC's?

Marc Silverstein: "I think the future is now. I think these are selling off the shelves right now. We've got millions selling, what is 54 million this year? That's triple last year, and 108 million next year. There's just so much to sort out and I'm going to help you do it and I'm going to do it using the Blackberry PlayBook which is just out, it's professional grade, it really is the benchmark when you're talking about tablets." 

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CR: You mentioned that sales are expected to triple this year, and that possibly more next year; do you think we'll see prices drop at all in the near future?

MS: "I'm not an expert on that, but I think your guess is probably a good one but price is certainly a factor but so many other things factor into this and one of the things you really think about is when you look at a tablet, it's that it's smaller; and it's lighter than a laptop, right. A lot of these tablets are 10 inches. The Playbook ultra-portable is 7 inches, it's less than a pound, it's made to fit right into your pocket or bag or a purse. You take it right with you, kind of like it's an eReader; oh wait it is an eReader, so that's something of factor that you want to look for too."

CR: What are the pros and cons?

MS: "The pros and the cons is a good question- one of the things about surfing the web, this is critical. You want a tablet that's able to get to the entire web and not all tablets can see the entire web. There are millions of sites that use what's called flash. We've all heard about flash, it's used in videos and games and many websites. Well, as I said not all tablets can process it. The iPad 2 can't. I want to be able to get to every site, I want a tablet that can do the same thing."

CR: Are consumers primarily using tablets for personal use or work as well?

MS: "You've got the full spectrum of everything but in terms of entertainment this is a real game changer. In terms of the way we view and interact with our media, let's talk about games. I've got a great game – EA has Need For Speed Undercover. This is where I get to drive these world class cars like a Porsche Carrera GT. What's really cool is the tablet is the steering wheel, you don't need any controllers or buttons, you're able to access the features by your gestures with your swipes and you get these incredible visuals and sweeping camera angles. Normally on a pc, laptop or a computer that would tax the power but it's not a problem with the playbook. In fact it's preloaded on the playbook."





CR: What makes tablets so much fun? What can they do?

MS: I've got a good example for you here, this is the perfect example – you can use the playbook to watch high definition movies on your big screen or as I like to say, the biggest screen. I have connected the little playbook with a giant 73 inch Mitsubishi (they make the largest tvs on the market) just need an HDMI cable, I get a beautiful picture and I'm able to change what I'm looking at on the playbook while still watching the original movie on the big screen. This isn't a like apps running in the background, I'm doing two things at once here, I am multitasking."


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CR: Have consumers made the choice for better portability?

MS: "Absolutely, as you can see the numbers are going through the roof. Here's something else that's really interesting, if you have a blackberry smartphone you can use the playbook as an extension of your screen. You can wireless pair the two up, so that way you can securely access your email and your calendar and your address book on the bigger screen and enjoy it on the bigger screen. To sum all this up- you're asking that great question there, you're looking for something that plays flash, see all the web, it's ultra-portable and it gives you great entertainment."

CR: Where can we go for more information?

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