Interview: Mom’s Day Gifts With Lifestyle Expert, Deb Geigis Berry

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lifestyle Expert, Deb Geigis Berry who frequently appears on Regis & Kelly on how to buy the perfect gift for mom. If your savvy mother is a budding entrepreneur, loves technology or is an avid reader this is one you won't want to miss!


HeadshotDeb Geigis Berry – Family Adventure Mom

Candace Rose: With Mother's day less than a week away do you have suggestions on buying the perfect gift for moms?

Deb Geigis Berry: "I think a lot of people think of flowers but that's kind of ordinary. It's not that moms don't love them but it's kind of nice on her special day to make her feel special by buying something that's unexpected and something she can use in the weeks and months ahead."

CR: What would you get the mom who has practically everything or in my case is extremely picky?

DGB: "Well, I want to tell you about this tremendous grant program, I think this is incredible. Huggies is giving mom and vendors a chance to get a $15,000 grant to fuel their business dreams. You come up with an idea for a product or a business that's related to motherhood an then you go to to enter. It's just a phenomenal opportunity if you're a very creative person which every mom I know is, come up with an idea for a product, here's a place you can go with it and maybe you'll be one of the winners that gets the $15,000 grant. You have until June 30, 2011 to apply for that."


Screen shot 2011-05-03 at 2.55.41 PMHuggies Mom Inspired –

CR: Shopping for the perfect gift can be stressful, what can we do to stay calm and within budget?

DGB: "One idea I really like is eye-fi. Moms are picture takers. I never leave home without my camera and I'm the one that does all the photo books and so forth but with eye-fi it makes it really easy to download your pictures to your computer because it's wireless. You don't have to deal with cables or cords. All you do is install eye-fi, it just takes 10 minutes and there after take the pictures, turn the camera on and they go right to your computer and they're organized in a date based folders, so it's really, really simple."


31m2+NakJiL._SL110_Eye-Fi Home Wireless 2 GB Secure Digital Card – Amazon

CR: What are some great gifts mom's can use in their daily lives?

DGB: "I like readers believe it or not. These are not your grandma's readers, they're not generic black glasses anymore. There's a lot of panache, there's a lot of style, different sizes, colors and they're even sun readers. If your mom likes to sit outside and read a book, that's a great gift for her. If you go to you can learn more about all the different patterns and styles, you can choose one that absolutely matches her own image.


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CR: Do you have any additional information you'd like to share?

DGB: "Well, I really like the Cisco ūmi. Unfortunately families cannot always be together in the same room on Mother's day but with Cisco ūmi you feel as if you are. What you do is you plug the device into an hdtv and you can experience video chatting that is so clear you would swear you were all in the same room. And there's a two-for-one deal right now, so go to to get more information about that.


1502064_saCisco Umi telepresence – Best Buy


CR: Where can we go for more information?

DGB: "If you'd like to go to my website, I'd love to have you! It's


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