Interview: Earth Day Tips with Green Lifestyle Expert, TV Host & Author, Sara Snow

Earlier in the week I spoke with renowned Green Lifestyle Expert, Television Host and Author, Sara Snow on greening your life in time for Earth day. From beauty products, nutrition supplements and products for your entire family, Sara has it all and more! 


Sarapic_transGreen Lifestyle Expert, Discovery Health Host "Get Fresh with Sara Snow"


Candace Rose: With Earth Day fast approaching, what are some ways the average person can become more eco-friendly?

Sara Snow: "Well, there's so many things that the average person can do which is so exciting. It's not about all or nothing, it's about the simple steps that you can take one one of the very simple things that we can do that kind of seems like a no-brainer is shop online. You actually can help protect the environment by doing this because instead of running around town to find all of your different products and run your different errands by getting online. You can save the environment about a pound of co2 emissions for every single mile that you don't drive, so you're actually helping to protect the environment, save yourself some time and save money on gas. Let's be honest, gas is so expensive today and with shipping at $4.99 at, you can have everything shipped to you for $4.99 which is like a gallon and a half of gas. You'll waste through that really quickly, but the other really exciting thing I think about this website is at everything has been vetted against green and natural practices, so you know that you are logging on, you're finding a set of products (which is if you've seen the website) in a lot of different categories. They have a ton of different products available, so everything that you need to live a natural, eco-friendly life, brands that you can trust and all at one place. As someone who has lived this way my entire life it's really reassuring to me to know that I can just get online, order up what I need and it'll be sent to my house and I'll have it within a couple days."


CR: How about when it comes to health care and supplements, do you have any recommendations?

SS: "Yeah, carries this really great line called New Chapter. They're vitamins and supplements, they have specific formulations and then just the general multivitamins – very high quality food based ingredients. They have an omega fish oil that's made from Alaskan salmon that is great, I take it every single day. They have multivitamins like a one a day for men, prenatal for women. They actually have an energy supplement that can help give you energy throughout the day and also a calm multivitamin that can help instill a sense of calm in you throughout the day also." 

CR: Shopping for vitamins, especially omega 3's and multivitamins can be difficult, is there a certain mg (milligram) people should be looking for?

SS: "Well, it totally varies depending on who you are, how old you are, if you are a male or a female and what specifically you're looking at. You'll take a lot more milligrams when it comes to something like a vitamin d then something else. So it's very specific to who you are but of course if you go to a company like New Chapter they have their recommendations. They're formulated in a very careful way so you know that it's a product that you can trust will be healthy for you, but that's one of the great things also about shopping online – if you go to you've got a little bit of time to take to research the different brands or to make your decision. I think often times when we just go to the supermarket to buy something like a multivitamin we've got just two minutes and then we need to be in the dairy aisle and need to be back in our cars so we can go pick up the kids from school or something and so you get in that panic mode where you're faced with all these different vitamins and you don't quite have the tools at hand to make an intelligent decision. Shopping online and going somewhere like where you know that these products have all been tested and tried against a certain set of standards gives people a certain reassurance that I think is really good."


200New Chapter WholeMega Omega Rich Fish Oil Softgels –


CR: Shopping for beauty products can be hectic, it's hard to decipher between what's good for your skin and what isn't. What should we be looking for?

SS: "Well, there's certain harmful ingredients that you want to try to avoid – things like parabens, synthetic fragrance, thiolates, things like that. There are different certifications that you can look at also. One of the lines that they carry on is called Organic Wear and this is a really, really great brand. It's eco-certified which means they not only paid attention to the ingredients that go into the product but also to the packaging. All the packaging for Organic Wear is recyclable which is kind of just a cool bonus. You can throw it all in your recycling bin, the ingredients are natural in origin. And then on top of that, you know because we are ladies we want to feel pretty for the spring and the summer – they've got your beautiful lip glosses and your mascaras that really perform, they do the job, but they're also better for our skin and better for the environment. Another line for that, also is this Weleda line. They have an adult line that I've used on my body for a number of years and then they also have a children's line that is delicate enough for a baby's skin. They have a face cream for babies that I use on my daughter's cheeks in the winter time when they become a little chapped. They have a diaper care cream that I use on her all the time. They even have a natural toothpaste, so it's just a natural line that you can trust. The ingredients that go into the Weleda products are biodynamically farmed which is beyond organics, so again it's a product that is doing your body good and not causing your body harm and then also helping to protect the environment as well." 


200-1Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream –

CR: Speaking of babies, what are your favorite items for baby and family?

SS: "Well, there are so many different areas and that's the cool thing when you think about for babies. They need baby food and you want to pick a baby food that is made with organic foods, definitely. It's important to pay attention to organic foods when it comes to your kids. So there are great products out there, look for organic foods for your baby. Look for those natural skin care products that are free of things like parabens and synthetic fragrances. Look for toys that are free from bpas and phthalates. So if they're a plastic toy that they are bpa free toy, if it's a bath toy or something that's soft to make sure that it's phthalate free. If it's a wooden toy to make sure it was painted without any lead-based paints and if you go online say for example to you'll find all of those products right there in one place. It saves so much time and so much energy, so you don't have to bounce all over town trying to find these different products. 


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