Celebrity Interview: The World’s First Eco-Model, Summer Rayne Oakes

On Friday I had the opportunity of speaking with Summer Rayne Oakes who is considered by many as “The World’s First Eco-Model." She recently teamed up with Aveeno for their "Be An Active Natural" project and was kind enough to discuss that and give tips on how to green up your community and those around you. 


Image003Summer Rayne Oakes

Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the pop-up forest event in Times Square?

Summer Rayne Oakes: "Yeah, absolutely. I partnered with Aveeno's "Be An Active Natural Campaign" and we created a pop-up forest in the middle of Times Square which is kind of crazy but we did it for two reasons – one is Aveeno is donating the trees to "The Million Trees Campaign" (MillionTreesNYC) in New York City to be planted all throughout New York and then two is really teach people how small changes can make a difference. They went through the forest and they got to learn how much carbons, certain trees were taking out of the atmosphere if they grew into maturity and then even at the end of the forest walk they could go to the Aveeno facebook page, make a pledge to make a small difference in their environment and actually get rewarded in the process. It was a fun experience all the way around."


MM78151MillionTreesNYC - Press Release Watch

CR: How can people outside of New York get involved?

SRO: "You can go to facebook.com/aveeno and you could actually take a pledge or learn about certain green tips. For instance using more natural ingredients in your products and in your personal care products, that's an important thing. I actually work with Smart Essentials and they use active naturals like southern wood to help protect stressed skin and then also there's elements of all the gadgets that we have in our everyday life. We have computers, we have iPads, we have iPods, we have cellphones. When you're done with those, making sure that you recycle them as eWaste (electronic waste) and disposing of them properly because those heavy metals actually pollute our environments. Then there's the certain things that we can do that you've probably already heard but using a reusable bottle, that's a big one because if you don't trust your water at home you can always install a water filter. All of that money that we spend on buying all those plastic bottles not only take up hundreds of dollars each year but also dirty up and muddy up our landfills. Those are the small changes that you can do and those impacts add up in a big way."


Daily_detoxifying_scrub_bigAveeno SMART ESSENTIALS Daily Detoxifying Scrub – Aveeno

CR: What are some small steps we can take to improve the communities we live in and those around us?

SRO: "Not all communities have a great way of disposing electronic waste, so if it's something that you could do or encourage within your community or at your recycling center I would highly encourage that or the simple things of being able to encourage your local supermarkets to have an alternative to plastic bags, just even volunteering at your recycling center or changing your light bulbs. These are the small things that you could do not only on an individual basis but being able to scale it up into your community. And of course you could always find out more and find out what we're doing here as well on facebook.com/aveeno. We have a lot of great tips that you could do individually and outside in your community and get rewarded in the process as well."


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