Interview: Technology Expert Chris Leary on Tech Spring Cleaning

Last week I had the chance to speak with Technology expert, Chris Leary who has been featured on The View, The Fox Network and is the current host of FOX Radio's national weekly music countdown, on technology spring cleaning! From backing up your data, free virus protection, the new Nintendo 3DS and how to protect your cell phone before you lose it, Chris has it all and more! 


Chris-leary3-200x300Chris Leary – Fox All Access


Candace Rose: What are the best upgrades for your money?

Chris Leary: "When you talk about spring cleaning, I've got some really good news for you, especially for those of us who do a lot of different things with our computers at the same time. Intel actually has designed a second generation of core processors that actually keeps up with us this time. The Toshiba laptop uses the core i5 processor. It brings photos and movies to life but also lets you open several windows while you're talking on skype and listening to music all at the same time. Now if you play a lot of fast action games or you're editing movies or you simply like an incredible entertainment experience, the Core i7 processor is something for you – that's something you see in the Lenovo laptop.


UnnamedToshiba Satellite Core i5 Processor Laptop – Google Shopping


    As far as protecting the things that are on your laptop, that's important too and there's nothing better than the Carbonite online backup service. It's secure, it's easy, it's automatic, unlimited too. It costs less than $5 a month and it's just a few simple clicks to restore your computer or a single file. And with anytime, anywhere access, you can use any other computer or an iPad; most smartphones to retrieve files like photos or songs; even powerpoint. They'll let you try it free for 15 days and if you put your code word "spring" in, you actually buy it for the year and they'll give you two extra months for free which is nice. 

    As far as protection goes, you want to think about keeping your laptop cleans as well as far as viruses. There's nothing better than this, the avast! free antivirus and it's fully loaded. It's got all the protection you need, it's got scanning speeds that are zipping fast. It works as well as the services that charge for viruses, spyware detection but it just doesn't charge you. It's nice, again free. You can download that at


    Keeping your identity safe, that's really important and Black & Decker is right on board with you there as well. They kind of reinvented the look of the paper shredder, in fact the iShred vertical shredder doesn't fly all over the place when you empty it. Another one, the message center shredder comes with a white board. The CC800 gobbles up a bunch of credit cards or even stapled documents which is kind of nice. 


BD-VS600_1Black & Decker Tools – iShred Vertical Shredder BD-VS600 – Black & Decker


CC800_1Black & Decker Tools – 8 Sheet Crosscut Shredder CC800 – Black & Decker


    This is nice too, we actually got invited to the launch of the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming system, it was at Best Buy and boy, I tell you the big news is 2D without the glasses. Even better, it's more of a natural 3D, it doesn't pop out at you or try to do something like the gimmicks. It just gives you depth, it's kind of like looking through a window and it also has a little slider that says, well,you want a lot of 3D or less 3D, so whatever you're used to as far as that is concerned. 


Hardware_blueNintendo 3DS –


    And if you ever lost your cell phone, Zomm is an electronical leash pretty much to your cellphone. So if you ever leave your cellphone somewhere and you throw this on your keychain and you walk away, it will start flashing and beeping – in other words saying go back and get your phone, did you forget something? So, that's a long time coming as well but I think the most important thing you've got to realize is every year what you should do or at least try to do is spring clean your technology, protect it, upgrade it and make sure it keeps up with your because you use a lot."


LeashZomm Wireless Leash –


CR: You mentioned Carbonite, what about for those who live in rural areas and have a very slow connection speed. Do you have any advice for them?

CL: "Well, I meant that's hard to say. The services are as good as what you have. There's lots of different ways to get a higher speed but there's online stuff obviously. There's nothing wrong with backing it up on an external hard drive but you can do that as well. Hopefully the rest of the country, the rural areas will start getting faster internet, that will help."

CR: As a Mac user myself, is it true that we don't need virus protection?

CL: "No, in fact I've been Mac/Apple since 1994, I'm with you on that. There aren't a lot of viruses for Mac or Apple but it's not bad. I've always had virus protection on mine. I never had avast!, this is something new for me, it's free. I always had to pay for mine, but it's always nice to have it. You never know, so that's something you've got to keep at the back of your head no matter what platform you have."

CR: Thank you, Chris. Where can we go for more information?

CL: "Glad you asked, go to" 



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    great work and achievements, nice interview 🙂

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