Interview: Summer Fashion & Beauty Tips with Jenn Falik

I recently spoke with style and beauty expert, Jenn Falik to discuss the latest trends in fashion and must have beauty essentials for summer. From wavy beach inspired hair to seventies cork sandals, Jenn has the latest scoop to keep you looking hot for summer!


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Candace Rose: What are the biggest trends for summer?

Jenn Falik: "Well, first with fashion, the first thing you're doing is shedding all those winter heavy layers and you're showing a little skin with tank tops and shorts, so you want to make sure that your skin looks good and Dove has a new visiblecare renewing wash that within one week you're going to see visibly more beautiful skin. Use it everyday and you'll get the results. It has the highest concentration of Nutrium moisture across the entire Dove portfolio and that's what really improves the look of your skin, smooths it out and makes it super soft to the touch. What's great is this product has a rich, creamy lather when you use it in the shower whereas a lot of body washes I find you want results from them but they wash right down the drain. This really thickens up on your skin so you can get that really great moisturizing benefit but still feel nice and super clean and it's under $8 at the drugstore, so we like a good beauty bargain."


31AVijmErRL._SL500_AA300_Dove VisibleCare Renewing Creme Body Wash - Amazon



CR: How about in terms of makeup and hair?

JF: "Well, color trends for this season with fashion it's all about brights, so because we're going so bright with our clothing this time around, we're not going as bright with the nails. Last summer it was those bright purples and pinks and yellows and oranges. This time around it's a little more neutral, so Essie who is always sort of the leader in picking what nail colors every woman needs to be wearing – she's come out with 'A French Affair' collection. It's very feminine – pastels, neutrals; nice opaque finishes, works perfectly with '70s looks or the bright looks because it doesn't compete. My favorite is French Affair which is nice, classic, creamy pink. It's a great shade and $8 a bottle. You don't want to put on a nail polish that depending on what you wear can completely clash on any given day, so this keeps it nice and clean and simple and effortless."


21JyOwXYOHL._AA300_Essie Spring 2011 – French Affair Polish – Amazon


CR: Do you have any tips for ladies on the go?

JF: "Ladies on the go- you want multitasking, easy to use beauty products. If you want to just get a quick all over glow on your face, Physicians Formula has a great bronze booster, glow boosting sun stones. Take this bronzer, just kind of whip up a brush inside and brush it right on your cheeks. You get instant glow, but over time it's going to gradually enhance your skins natural tan and it's soft and skinny and has skin care benefits in there. So for women on the go your bronzer's also giving your skin a little bit of a treat as well and this is $15 at the drugstore. Women on the go will love this next tip because because summer hair is all about beachy waves which means you don't have to spend an hour under the blow dryer trying to get your hair perfectly straight; instead get a product like this, this is the Catwalk Session Series Sea Salt Spray. It's got natural sea salt in there and it's going to give your hair a nice flexible hold, a little body and definition. When your hair is wet after the shower, just spritz a little of this on, scrunch it up or maybe twist a few waves. I'm wearing it today and it's just going to give you perfect undone beachy waves that look effortless and are semi-effortless compared to other things we do to our hair. It has a really nice scent too, it's got a tobacco flower scent that's just nice and warm and sexy for summer; and it's $20 at or at salons. That's a perfect, effortless hair tip for the summer season."


SessionSeriesSaltSpray913ozTigi Stores – Session Series Salt Spray – Tigi Stores


CR: When it comes to fashion, what are the trends we'll be seeing this summer?

JF: "The two biggest fashion trends for the summer – first up is '70s inspiration and it's seventies in a much more literal way then in seasons past. We're actually seeing crocheted vests and bell bottoms and giant, huge wedges with the cork soles and then we're also seeing on the other end of the spectrum brights and not just one bright but two or three brights at a time to get that color block effect. Whether it's a bright emerald green skirt and a coral top and a bright blue shoe, we're seeing women really experimenting with color in ways that we haven't in seasons past."


A Candace Rose Favorite….

_6295588Tory Burch – 'Leslie' Cork Wedge Sandal (Sienna) – Nordstrom


CR: Where can we go for more information?

JF: "For more information you can go to or you can find more of my fashion and beauty favorites on my blog which is"


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    I love those sandals!! perfect wedge heal…. and that essie colour is perfect for my fingers and toes!!
    Hope you are doing well my friend!

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