Interview: Maxim Magazine Senior Editor Patrick Carone on Spring Grooming & Fashion for Men

I recently had the opportunity of speaking with Patrick Carone, Senior Editor of Entertainment at Maxim Magazine who dished on spring grooming tips for men that save time and money and the latest trends for guys in fashion!


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Candace Rose: Do you have any money and time saving tips for guys and grooming?

Patrick Carone: "I'm definitely excited to talk about that because guys love to save money and they love to save time. It's a sad fact that 40% of guys are going to be either losing their hair or experiencing thinning hair at some point in their lives and it can actually happen as early as their twenties. So to that end, Rogaine a very famous brand, (FDA approved to regrow hair and to stop hair loss) they have a wonderful new product- it's an unscented foam, so there's no mess, no fuss and your secret is going to be safe because it's unscented. It's under $30 for a whole month supply, which is a really great price and you can pick that up at – - which is a really great website for dudes. It has all kinds of products, as a matter of fact all of the products I'm going to talk about today, you can buy there. 


200Men's Rogaine Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment, Unscented –

    For example what I think of as the quintessential dude product from Lubriderm, of course an iconic brand, has been around for a long time but this is their first product geared specifically towards men. It's a new 3-in-1 men's body, face and post-shave lotion. What guy's not going to want to have just one thing instead of dealing with all these different bottles cluttering up the sink? The quality is really high because it's got vitamin e and aloe which really protects after a shave but then it also moisturizes, soothes and it just leaves your skin looking great and women really appreciate that.You can get it scented or unscented depending on what you want and you get a really good amount for under eight bucks, so you save time and you save money. Guys love that. 


  200-1Lubriderm Men's 3-in-1 Lotion –


    Johnson's Baby Powder is sort of like a cult classic, I guess you could say when it comes to grooming. Of course it leaves skin smooth, it eliminates friction as every guy knows. But here's a tip sometimes guys might not know but women have known for a really long time – if you don't have time to take a shower or to shampoo a little trick is you put some Johnson's baby powder in your hair and it actually absorbs the oil, so it looks like you actually did take a shower instead of spending that extra half hour in bed. A bottle of this is only about a little less than $4. You really can't go wrong there. Like I said, all of these things you can purchase at this great website, They have over 17,000 products including vitamins and supplements, things for the house and even things for the pets. They have a really nice policy where if you spend over $49 you don't have to pay a shipping fee. This is also great for guys because a) guys don't like shopping but b) they really don't like shopping for grooming products. So this way you just go online to, you don't have to deal with the stores, it's discreet, it's convenient, it goes right to your house. It saves time, saves money. All of these wonderful products and much, much more. I think these are the things that's really important for guys to know, especially as you get into spring. You really want to look your best, so this is the kind of grooming way to take care of that kind of business."

  200-2Johnson's Baby Powder (Original) –


CR: I actually had a chance to check out the website last night, I was astonished by the amount of savings. Do you have to be a member of this site to get the great deals?

PC: "No, I believe you can just log on. I don't believe there is a fee or anything. You might need to register but no, just head to the website, they'll give you all the information that you need in order to get started there. "


CR: Do you have any additional tips you'd like to share with us?

PC: "In terms of fashion dark denim is really popular now. You want straight legs, nothing too baggy. For spring we like bright colors. You know it's bright outside, don't be doomy and gloomy. Wear some bright colors.  A great place to check out all this information is We always have tons of tips for guys besides all the girls and all the humor and all the craziness. We also have practical stuff that guys should know about in terms of fashion and grooming and of course Maxim magazine which is on stands now. Pick up the new issue, I think it's just hitting the stands (interview took place March 25th) with beautiful Brittany Snow on it. We also have lots of info in there. Those are some really can't miss tips for dudes."


NAKE-MJ28_V1Naked & Famous Denim – Skinny Guy Linen Blend 8 oz in Indigo/Greycast –


TRUE-MJ642_V1True Religion – Ricky Straight in Nashville –


_6410597Red Jacket 'San Francisco Giants' T-Shirt – Nordstrom


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