Interview: Spring Beauty & Fashion Survival Tips with Jenn Falik

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with beauty and fashion blogger, Jenn Falik on spring beauty and fashion survival tips! Jenn can be seen weekly in New York City on NY1, Fox5, CW11 and has made appearances on NBC’s Today show, The View, The Rachel Ray Show and E! News.


Jenn Falik –

Candace Rose: What are the biggest beauty trends for spring?

Jenn Falik: “The biggest beauty trends for spring, starting out with your skin and your makeup – we’re seeing very bold lips and bold lips means you’ve got to go very neutral with the skin, lay off the foundation. You’ve got to take very good care of your complexion. First up today we have an innovation from Zeno, it’s called ‘Line Rewind’ – the first anti-aging device that uses heat vibration and red light technology to fight the signs of aging. It comes with a serum and that serum has peptides in it and it has resveratrol, which is an amazing new ingredient that everyone’s talking about, it’s really big in skincare right now. You put that serum on your skin and then you use the line rewind device to press it into the pores. The heat is going to help to open the pores up and the vibration is really going to help to work that product in, while at the same time the red light technology makes your skin produce more collagen, so it looks more youthful. Forty bucks and you can get it at CVS, at Target, at Walmart. It’s easy to use, keeps your skin nice and glowing which is important when you don’t want to put a lot of makeup on top of it.”



CR: And how about for those with acne-prone skin, can they use this?

JF: “With acne-prone skin you can definitely use this. Zeno is known for – originally they have a hot spot device which is actually designed to fight acne and to get blemishes gone in less than 24 hours. This is more geared towards anti-aging but it’s great for all different skin types and if you are acne-prone this next product is going to be perfect for you, it’s from Physicians Formula and it’s the 3-in-1 talc free mineral correcting powder. Talc can be very irritating to the skin, especially if you are acne prone, so something that’s talc free is much more breathable, great for sensitive skin. This 3-in-1 product helps to even out your skin tone, it gets rid of any redness, brightens the complexion in the process and it warms up your complexion just enough to make it look like a very realistic spring-summer glow that you have. You want a little more warmth on the skin this time of year so that you can pull off some of the brighter fashions that we’re seeing that don’t work so well on a pasty complexion.”

  2212970Physicians Formula Mineral Wear 3-in-1 Talc-Free Mineral Corrective Powder – Ulta

CR: And with warmer temps on their way, should we change up our skin care routine?

JF: “You want to make your skin care routine a bit lighter. I think you have products that are working for you, great, stick with them. I think you’re more apt to change your makeup routine. So a heavy foundation, you’ll probably want to toss for a lighter powder. You want to make sure you are using spf everyday, I think those things are important. Your skin care if it’s working for you, stick with it, if you need to adjust slightly because you become more oil prone in the summer months than go with some lighter formulas to help keep your skin balanced.”


Loving this Tory Burch makeup bag! _6166251Tory Burch ‘Small’ Patent Cosmetic Bag – Nordstrom

CR: What should every woman have in her makeup bag?

JF: “You’ve gotta have a really great lip gloss, you want to have a really great bronzer, mascara is key if you’re wearing nothing else, mascara is really important. And then something else that doesn’t necessarily pertain to makeup but you always want to have it on you and put it in your makeup bag is from Tide. It’s the Tide to go mini. I have this on me no matter where I am going, no matter what I’m doing. A fashion emergency always tends to happen when you are least prepared for it, so having this little pen (it’s about the size of a lipstick, $3.00 at the grocery store) on you at all times. If you spill a little wine, a little ketchup on your favorite blouse, your favorite new spring dress, you don’t have to relegate to the back of your closet, you can make it look fresh and new literally in seconds.”

  41mAvwqw9TL._SL500_AA280_Tide To Go, Instant Stain Remover Pens, 3 each –

CR: What are the hottest fashion trends for spring?

JF: “For spring we’re seeing a very 70’s inspired vibe, so we’re seeing high waisted, very flare legged jeans, along with that comes the footwear trend for spring, which are these big, giant wedge shoes. They’re gorgeous, they look great. I think they’re very flattering on the leg but they’re not the most practical to wear for a long day, so when you’re wearing your big wedges or your stilettos stick these in your purse because you’re going to want to use them.

31pgyjyvGaLFootzyrolls – Black As Night Ballet Flats – image via 


These are called footzyrolls and they are rollable shoes that fit into even the smallest handbag. They roll up to be about the size of your fist. You’ve got ballet slipper flats, you get can get flip flop styles. When your wedges start to get the better of you, take them off put these on. They’re still very stylish, very on trend and if you go to and you enter the code: FASHIONATCHECKOUT you get at 20% discount. I recommend stocking up, getting every color you need for the season because you are going to love them.”

CR: Where can we go for more information?

JF: “For more information on my fashion and beauty favorites you can go to my website which is


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