Interview: Celebrity Nursery Designer, Mary Bauer of Bratt Decor Shares Nursery Design Tips!

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Celebrity Nursery Designer, Mary Bauer owner of Bratt Decor who discussed how everyday moms on a budget can have the nursery of their dreams!



Mary Bauer – Bratt Decor: A Love Story


Candace Rose: What are some top concerns for moms in the nursery?

Mary Bauer: "The top concern is just to make sure that they're covering all their bases, they're creating something they love within their budget. I think budget is a big deal too."

CR: You designed the nurseries for the children of Mario Lopez, Halle Berry and Heidi Klum. Is it possible for moms on a budget to have a nursery similar to theirs?

MB: "Yes, it really is. You can make almost, not all the exact same choices, but the key to a successful nursery is a nursery obviously that is functional and secure. THe number one thing that makes people love or hate their nursery is the details, so you can put all these really touching details in your nursery and just make it one all in your own that you love."


Mary Bauer of Bratt Decor posing with Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza in the nursery she designed for their new baby, Gia Francesca Lopez!

  DSC_0112_fullMario Lopez, Mary Bauer and Courtney Mazza – Extra TV

  DSC_0068_fullGia Francesca Lopez' Nursery Courtesy of Bratt Decor – Extra TV


CR: What are some of the most popular design trends for nurseries?

MB: "The most popular design trend I'm seeing right now is more neutral colors and natural fabrics. People are getting very sophisticated in their palette, so uses of colors like gray and taupes; and creams and browns; and whites, that's been really, really big the last year."


Coll091211082451Park Avenue White Collection – Bratt Decor

 I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Bratt Decor Chelsea Collection which comes in various shades…

Coll110124122123Chelsea Iron Lifetime White Collection - Bratt Decor 


CR: What are some nursery must haves?

MB: "You really need three things: you need a great changing space, you need a great crib and you need a place to nurse. When you're designing the nursery I try to get their mom's to focus basically on three areas – one would be their space. Consider their space and make the most of it. If it's a small space, paint it bright so that it looks bigger. Buy furniture that can do double duty like a changer that can be a dresser, once you have your space figured out and have your furniture purchased. The second tip is to consider the function of the room. There's going to be a lot of diaper changing going on, so a well stocked changing station is an essential item in every nursery. You need lots of diapers, lots of wipes, a change of clothes and you need a diaper pail. I love the Diaper Genie Elite. I don't know if you've seen it yet but it's tall and slender and it's white. It looks great in every nursery but it has this really cool foot pedal so that your hands are free to take care of baby and you're not transferring the germs by lifting lids and all of this other stuff. You can just pop the diaper in and get back to work with the baby. You've got your space, and then you've got your function, and then the third tip is just to consider the love and you can just scour your own childhood memorabilia. Everybody has something left over. Go see your mom, maybe it's your favorite teddy bear or your baby blanket or your baby shoes or some fabulously framed photo. Something like that, I think that's where all the magic happens in the nursery in those little, tiny details. It's when you walk in and you feel like you're at home. Any mom can do that, it's not dependent on budget and it's what really takes the nursery to the next level I think."


51RL3ssAQ-L._SL500_AA280_Diaper Genie Elite –


CR: How can busy moms make and maintain their nursery as clean as possible?

MB: "You know a lot of advanced planning and then just things in place like, make sure you have products that help with that. One of the things that is great about the Diaper Genie is it does help with the spread of germs. You're not lifting lids, you're not contaminating other areas. It helps with the odor."

CR: Can you tell us more about the chance to win $5,000 towards a new nursery?

MB: "Playtex baby is sponsoring a sweepstakes, go to and enter for a chance to win. You just sign up, you don't have to buy anything. The drawing is now through April 8th. Good luck to everybody and also if you go to, there's tons and tons of great tips on there already from Dr. Tanner and just in general in creating your nursery."

CR: Where can we go to see your work and of course for more information?

MB: "You could go to . All my furniture is on there. We also have a facebook fan page, it's just"


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