Eco Friendly Weekend Tips with Home Renovation Expert, Steven J. Whittle

Our friend, home renovation expert, Steven J. Whittle, who has frequently been featured on HGTV was kind enough to share three of his favorite eco friendly products and tips just in time for the weekend!


Cork Flooring 

Banquette72Cork Flooring – Real Cork Floors

“Everyone’s buzzing about eco-friendly these days, and one thing that I’ve always loved but it making a real design comeback, is cork flooring. It comes from Portugal, it’s 100% natural, it’s recyclable and reusable. Cork is harvested from the outer layer of the cork oak tree without harming or killing the tree at all. And the design possibilities with cork flooring are endless with designer inspired styles, textures and colors with classic patterns, elegant finishes. There’s so many other benefits. It’s hypoallergenic, it’s durable and resilient. It’s soft and warm and comfortable on your feet, it’s super easy to clean, it’s water and fire resistant. It costs between $6 and $15 sq ft. and it’s going to last you a lifetime. Go to for more info on that.”

“Sometimes making an upgrade to your house can be as simple as screwing in a light bulb. Super energy efficient light bulb is the Sylvania A-Line Ultra LED. LED is the future of lighting. This bulb uses 12 watts of electricity. It’s a perfect replacement for the 60 watt incandescent, that power hungry monster that you guys are probably using at home right now and it’s going to last 25 times longer than that bulb. It’s instant on, it’s dimmable, it has absolutely no mercury. You can use them anywhere you’d use an incandescent bulb – in your ceiling fan, light textures, in your table lamps, in your wall sconces and it’s going to save you over $130 over the life of the bulb. You can pick them up at Lowes for about $40. To find out more information about them go to

Bed bugs are an epidemic that is gripping the nation and getting rid of these pests can take a real toll financially and emotionally on homeowners and apartment dwellers too. I recommend using a product like Stop Bugging Me as the first line of protection and the last line of defense against bed bugs. It’s pesticide free and this is important because it’s safe to use around your entire family including pets. Now, stop bugging me is 100% biodegradable. You simply spray Stop Bugging Me right on the bed bug prone area and that’s it. It only costs $20 at can go to for more info on all of these products.”



  1. March 25, 2011 / 11:38 pm

    For a change, it would be cool to go for eco-friendly products, since they can save a lot energy costs for your home, compared to having none at all. Also, at current times, we all should be capable somehow in handling DIY projects or a little construction know-how, to make it easier for us to solve petty problems such as fixing a leaky pipe or replacing a floorboard.

  2. January 3, 2012 / 11:10 pm

    I really love renovating my home because I already get ideas on what style should I do to make my home looks more attractive and beautiful.

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