Interview: Spring Break Family Travel Tips with The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman

 I recently had the chance to speak with Emily Kaufman better known as "The Travel Mom" to discuss money saving spring break travel tips for the entire family! From skiing to Disney World, she has the scoop to ensure your next family vacation is a hit!


Picture 56Travel expert, Emily Kaufman is a frequent contributor to Good Morning America as well as various news programs and publications.


Candace Rose: What is the first rule of thumb to getting the most out of your spring break travel dollar?

Emily Kaufman: "Well, you want to fine those family freebies, places where kids will eat free, cruises where kids sail free, resorts where kids stay free. Look for those family freebies and also look for the added value packages and what I mean by added value packages are things all bundled together for one price. Spring skiing is a wonderful example of that and at you can find over 400 different packages available at up to 50% off and at Breckenridge right now there's a package for $360 per person – that includes four night accommodations, three days worth of lift tickets, so that's a really terrific value and spring skiing is a wonderful time for a family to get away. Easter is really late this year and March and April will be terrific months for hitting the ski slope."


Picture 50Cozy Ski Lodge!

CR: What are some of the best family friendly destinations?

EK: "Well, as I was saying skiing, and snowboarding is terrific. Orlando will continue to be a top destination for families for 2011 and one of the resources I'm trusting and turn to are the Disney World Moms. The Walt Disney World Moms Panel actually, and this is a free online forum with mom's and dad's who are experienced Disney vacationers who know the ins and outs of everything from planning your trip to helping you to save money and that's at"


Picture 55Disney World

CR: How do you organize details for a smooth trip?

EK: "Well, I try very hard to make technology my traveling companion, load the apps in your phone first. Program in your airline, hotel number and also with the airfares going back up as they are, there's never been a better time to protect your investment with travel insurance. I'm really encouraging people to explore travel insurance.  has got a whole bunch of different comprehensive plans including the "Gold Plan" where kids are covered free. They cover things like lost or delayed luggage, canceled flights, unforeseen medical emergencies. So, it's really a great way to stretch your travel dollar and protect your investment."

CR: You mentioned apps, do you have any favorites?

EK: "Well, I like YPmobile because it will allow you to find all of the local stuff once you arrive to a destination and I also travel with my GPS system all the time because it makes no sense to get lost on vacation. So, Candace I talked about a whole lot of things here with you and all of the information is at one resource,"

CR: Where can we go for last minute travel deals?

EK: "The internet is a wonderful resource, visitor convention center websites give you the most comprehensive look, non-biased at a destination with a listing of family friendly events, special activities, dining offers and hotel packages that run from budget to luxury."



CR: How do you find travel discounts and save money?

EK: "I'm a proactive consumer, so you go out there and you register for online travel agencies, register with the airlines, so I'm alerted with sales when there's a particular fare to a market that I want to go to, also travel agents. Travel agents are a terrific resource that we seem to have forgotten about and they are so knowledgable and so experienced and love travel."



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