Interview: Amy E. Goodman, Author & Commentator Discusses Fashion, Beauty & Her New Book, Wear This, Toss That

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Amy E. Goodman, author of "Wear This, Toss That" and frequent contributor to the "Today" show, "Good Morning America," "The Early Show," "The View" and "The Rachael Ray Show" to discuss her new book, fashion, accessories, beauty and jewelry!

Amy_goodman Amy E. Goodman – Timex StyleWatch


Candace Rose: What is the first step one should take to organize an out of control closet?

Amy E. Goodman: "You need to make three piles: one is the wear, one is the toss and then you have the maybe pile. It's the maybe pile that the entire book deals with to help women simplify their choices and get that stuff either moving back into the closet or onto charity. I do in the very beginning of the book outline thirty essential pieces that every woman should have and that starts with two blouses and two button down shirts. Now with the button down shirts, it's actually a hot trend for this spring, easy enough, simple enough to do. Make sure you get one in a neutral hue so that it can mix and match with various pieces and separates that you have in your closet and then the essential number for jeans is three – one for work, play and date night. The trouser jean is something designers are increasingly turning to because it has a wider cuff on the base which is great to counterbalance the hips (for those of us who have a bit of curvature in the hip.) This is actually good news because we've seen season after season of skinny pants and now it's more the trouser cut which is just a little bit more generous on the base, again great for those of us with curves."

CR: I have these jeans and I love them!  Seven3000113059_p1_v1_m56577569832186964_347x6837 For All Mankind – Miller Trouser Jeans (New York Dark) – Shopbop


CR: What about shoes and handbags?

AG: "Shoes this season – look for platforms, embellished flats and strappy sandals. Shoes in general, if they are hurting you; if you have a new shoe you've been meaning to get stretched, take it to the cobbler, get it done so you get those shoes on your feet and you're actively wearing them. With handbags it's one of three trends: it could be the oversized tote, still make this proportional to your body too so your not engulfed in the tote, right! Really small, little handbags that have long, long straps; again think about proportion. I talk about proportion and sizing a lot in the handbag chapter. A lastly, it's good to have an evening clutch that you can take for going out on the town at night. In addition to other accessories you want to look for, make sure you have three stud earrings, two pairs of chandeliers, and four statement necklaces. Also, a stack of bangles and stack them up your arm. That is the style tip for this season. Lastly, also for the wrist: I love a classic watch because it really completes your look and makes you look super polished. These are from Timex (shown below). The delicate bracelet styles are a nod to the feminine dressing we're seeing on the runways and the color banded watches with the slightly oversized face; the color, oh my goodness, color everywhere that you turn you're going to see that in store fronts now. These are available at select Kohls for $50 and up. And an underlying theme throughout the book is that you do not have to break the bank in order to have great style and revamp your wardrobe."


Various Timex Watches –

Picture 41Timex Women's Watches – Kohls


CR: Can petite women wear the Oversized Watch trend without it being overpowering?

AG: "Yes, in fact the watch that we showed does not exceed the length of the wrist in therms of the size of the case and that is essential. So for petite, these are styled to be oversized but for a woman's wrist. When you get into trouble for petite women is when you grab your husband's watch or your boyfriend's. That watch is actually a man's watch and it's just too loose and the case is too big, so there is such a thing as 'proportioned oversized' and that's what we're talking about."

 CR: When it comes to jewelry what should we keep and what should we toss?

AG: For jewelry, we talked about some of the things that you absolutely, essentially should have. The toss items are things that are chipped or broken, haven't gotten them fixed, maybe something that you picked up on a vacation – such as beautiful shelled jewelry or wooden jewelry, (it just has a tendency to break more easily) you've been meaning to toss it out of your accessories drawer but you just haven't had a moment to do so. Also, another type of necklace that you want to toss would be the choker. It's generally for people that have super, super swan-like necks, otherwise it kind of cuts you off at a weird part in your neck, makes it much shorter and can enhance a double chin. Those are some things to be weary of in terms of jewelry."

CR: How about the beauty closet?

AG: "I have three chapters devoted to beauty. You really want to put into place a good skin care regimen. Make sure you get a great moisturizer, a good cleanser, a separate spf for your face so that you can ward off wrinkles for the future. Also makeup does have expiration dates. Most people don't know this so I made an entire chart with expiration dates of makeup and skin care products so that you can get rid of the old stuff, bring in the new trends which are nice pink cheeks, orange red lipstick and/or a totally nude lip; natural makeup so it looks just natural and fresh, dewy skin and last but not least enhanced lashes."

 CR: This kit has everything you need to attain the perfect neutral makeup look and nude lip! Perfect for this hot spring trend!

_6338262 Trish McEvoy 'Stay Nude' Collection – Nordstrom


CR: Where can we go for more information?

AG: "You can go to for of my tips."

CR: Where can we find your book?

AG: "Fortunately the book is available at bookstores nationwide."


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