Elle Decor: Celebrity Bedrooms

    Last night while browsing Elle Decor, I stumbled on their celebrity bedrooms post and instantly fell in love with the gorgeous images. My mom has always told me it's better to save and get what you want than to waste money on a purchase you'll later regret. After 20+ years of hearing this speech, it's finally sunk in. I'm fortunate to have found antiques (I'll never grow tired of) at street fairs, bargain antique shops and estate sales. I'm still looking for the perfect bedside lamp, chandelier and rug but until I find the one I know I cannot live without, I'll do just fine!

Where do you find inspiration? Where are your favorite places to shop?


This just happens to be Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick's Bridgehampton master bedroom. Those who know me know I'm loving the crisp white walls (my absolute favorite) with the orange and turquoise accent pieces. Be sure to head over to Elle Decor for more info on the beautiful aqua colored Christopher Spitzmiller lamp!




I don't know about you but I adored Meg Ryan's quaint abode in You've Got Mail. Her master bedroom in Martha's Vineyard reminds me so much of the cozy space featured in one of her best movies! Loving the white walls and purple accents! 


Meg Ryan – Martha's Vineyard – Elle Decor


SOLD! I could live here. In fact I want to move in now! Life's been more stressful than usual and I could totally use a nap in this spacious bedroom. Do you think Mr. Rande Gerber & Ms. Cindy Crawford would mind if I hijacked their Malibu home???? Didn't think so.

  Bedroom-design-ideas-celebrity-bedrooms-08Cindy Crawford – Malibu Bedroom – Elle Decor


Last year I featured Alexandra Wentworth's beautiful living room and the stunning rug she hand painted. Today I'm happy to be sharing the stunning Washington D.C. bedroom she shares with George Stephanopoulos which was designed by her friend, Elizabeth Martin.

Bedroom-design-ideas-celebrity-bedrooms-12-1Alexandra Wentworth – Washington D.C. Home – Elle Decor


Please be sure to visit Elle Decor for more images and tons of home decor inspiration!



  1. Craftmatic
    March 15, 2011 / 2:26 am

    I just have to agree that all of those were perfectly lovely rooms, but I was captivated with the first photo, the white hue glows and the room just seem so refreshing and very neat. And with a great garden outside, definitely everyday would be a great day to wake up!

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