Interview: Holiday Beauty & Style Trends With Sought After Expert, Lilliana Vazquez

Last week I had the fabulous opportunity to learn the biggest fashion and beauty trends for the holiday season with Cheap Chica's Guide to Style founder, Lilliana Vazquez, who can be seen regularly on NBC, ABC, Better TV, QVC, The Shopping Channel, Univision, WE Women's Entertainment and The Style Network. She has also been featured in Lucky, Women’s Wear Daily, Marie Claire, Glamour, Philly Style, Accessories Magazine, The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Latina, First, Better Homes and Gardens, and Daily Candy.

Picture_2 Lilliana Vazquez – image via twitter

Candace Rose: What are the biggest fashion trends this holiday season?

Lilliana Vazquez: This season for me, I've noticed that it's all about color and it doesn't have to be red and green just because it's Christmas, it's all about really vivacious bold color. I love coral, I'm also loving metallics. You want to do them in small doses, you don't want to look like a disco ball and show up in a dress covered in sequins, so think about it in small doses like a great sequin tank top, maybe a sequin belt or even like sequin accessories – sparkly shoes, sparkly bags look great during the holidays.


My coveted YSL ring now comes in coral….

109067_e1_dl Yves Saint Lauren Arty Glass Ring (coral) – Net-A-Porter

A beautiful sequin tank…

_6265740 Eileen Fisher Pailette Merino Wool Shell – Nordstrom

These beautiful sparkly shoes have been on my list…

97099_in_dl Miu Miu Glitter-finish pumps – Net-A-Porter

CR: What about jewelry? What's big this season?

LV: Well, for jewelry I think go big or go home. I love a great statement necklace because if you wear one bold piece, you don't have to wear anything else. For example I'm wearing a super casual sweater, but I've got on this great statement necklace (see below). No earrings, no bracelets, it's really one piece and that's all that you really need to make any outfit really updated and really festive.


Picture 40 Lilliana's Statement Necklace


Loving this Statement Necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane…

KENN-WA344_V1 Kenneth Jay Lane – Flat Disc Necklace in Gold – Revolve Clothing


CR: So if you're wearing a big statement piece, you should tone down on your shoes and the handbag?

LV: Yeah, I think you can go bold on shoes just because there's such a huge distance between your neck and your feet, but I say for everything else keep it really simple. Make sure the line of the dress is really simple, you may want to go for more muted color because you really want to let the necklace be its own statement piece.


A simple dress in a muted color….

Obaki2000613520_p1_v1_m56577569832073552_347x683 Obakki Raglan Fleece Dress (Dove grey) – Shopbop



78779_in_dl Christian Louboutin – Big Lips 120 suede pumps – Net-A-Porter


CR: Where are the best places to shop on a budget?

LV:  If you're on a budget I always say search the web. It's where you're going to find great deals, sometimes a store might have 30% off online but that sale doesn't actually exist at the mall, so you could be saving a fortune just by spending online and off price retailers are one of the best places to shop. If you're looking for beauty products, one of my absolute favorite budget buys is Jafra Cosmetics. They make some amazing products for your body, but my absolute favorite one is this year is actually their City Lights makeup compact. The reason I love it so much is because it has everything you need all in one. It's got great eyeshadows, a great lipstick and it's really convenient, you can just throw it in your bag and you're ready to do your face up for whatever holiday party you might have that night.


Picture 46 City Lights by Jafra Cosmetics

Picture 47 City Lights Eyeshadow – Jafra Cosmetics

CR: How can we take time to pamper ourselves during the hustle and bustle of the holidays?

LV: I think taking time to yourself is really important, don't get really stressed out, maybe shop alone one day instead of bringing the kids along and also pamper yourself by taking care of your skin. People don't realize how important taking care of your skin is and one of my favorite products to keep your skin hydrated all winter long is actually Vaseline petroleum jelly. I love it because it is so inexpensive and it serves so many purposes in your beauty cabinet. You can use it to keep your lips moist, you can use it to create dewy eyeshadows, you can use it as a highlighter on your cheekbones, you can even use it to make flavored lipglosses. The uses are endless and what's great is that they just introduced their brand new variant, it's called Cocoa Butter. It smells amazing and it also comes in a flip-top jar which makes it really, really easy to use and the company's been around for 140 years. It's their 140th anniversary so they're asking people to log onto their facebook page which is and share their #1 use for this product and you could win exclusive prizes, like this great swarovski crystal vaseline jar or gift cards.


Picture 51 Swarovski Crystal Vaseline jar

CR: What are the latest styles in makeup?

LV: Well, I think this season you kind of have to choose between eyes and lips, so if you want to do a really dramatic eye with a couple of fake lashes sprinkled in, you want to keep the lips kind of muted. Using a lip stain is acutally a really great way to accomplish that look, but if you want to really play up your lips and play up your smile go for a really bold pink instead of red this season. Red is pretty traditional but that bright, intense fuschia that you saw all over the runways, even coral are really the colors of the season when it comes to lips.


_6203648 Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lip Color SPF 15 (No 7 Le Fuschia) – Nordstrom


CR: Maintaining a healthy weight can be hard during this time of the year, do you have any tips on eating right when you are out and about?

LV: Absolutely, during the holidays it's all about moderation and making the right choices and one of the best choices that every person can make is starting their day with breakfast. I like to start my day with Special K just because it's a really easy way for me to keep on top of my weight management goals. Throughout the holidays we all tend to overindulge a little bit, so I say wear your favorite jeans to see if you're keeping on track and the reason I say that is twofold, first is Special K did a study that shows that 79% of women actually use their jeans as a barometer to test whether or not they're staying on track on their weight management program. It's amazing because jeans are so easy to wear for the holidays, you can totally dress them down. I've got on a really cozy sweater right now, and threw on that statement necklace but I paired it with really dark skinny jeans which totally makes the outfit work but if you have a more formal occasion, you can still wear the same pair of jeans and just throw on a sparkly top or a great little jacket or fur bollero to dress the jeans up for a more festive occasion.


A bowl of Special K to start your day!

Picture 52

Loving this faux fur Bollero!

_6198408 Kenna-T Faux Fur Shrug – Nordstrom


CR: Do you have any final tips?

LV: For the holidays look in your own closet before you hit the malls, people are on a budget this year and you don't have to buy ten new outfits for ten different parties. Try to rework a lot of the pieces that you already have in your closet to save yourself money and to save yourself the headache from going to the mall during the holidays. And you can also get great glam tips at


Many thanks to Style Guru, Lilliana Vazquez for sharing her fab tips for the holidays! Be sure and follow her on twitter and at Cheap Chicas!



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