Interview: Top Holiday Gifts For The Kids with In Touch Weekly’s Amy Oselkin

Earlier in the week I had the great pleasure of speaking with Amy Oselkin, Senior Lifestyle Editor of In Touch Weekly on the must have gifts for kids this holiday season!


Picture 39 Amy Oselkin – Must Have Holiday Toys – video of screenshot courtesy of Consultancy Media

Candace Rose: What are the must have toys for Christmas this year?

Amy Oselkin: “You can get a membership to the Children’s Classic Collection of Books, so every month your child will be receiving a brand new book. You can order it for three months, six months, up to a year. You’re saving 30% off the retail value and with every book sold a dollar donation will be made to first First Book, which is a National Literacy Organization that gives books to Children in need so you’re really teaching your kids the value of giving, sharing back and also a fun way to enjoy reading with them.”

Picture 20 Children’s Classic Collection of Books – video of screenshot courtesy of Consultancy Media

CR: What gifts to you suggest for little girls who enjoy baking and arts and crafts?

AO: “Well, actually before we go there I thought of a really cute gift to go with the books, it’s the nuddle. It’s this great blanket for kids, it has slits in the arms, little footies for their feet and there’s even a stroller version for smaller kids and parents don’t have to worry about the blanket being tossed on the floor. These are $38 – $48 at and I just love them. I had to throw that in there! Also for kids 8 and up there’s some great gadgets, this is the Hexbug Micro Robot (see below). It’s a remote controlled robotic creature from First Innovation and the Six Legged Spider which is sold exclusively at Radio Shack is absolutely amazing. There’s this 360 degree steering, you can direct it in any way you want it to go, you can actually play with more than one at a time, because there’s a two channel remote. And they are all less than $25 at Radio Shack which is really great, so pick those up and also like you said with the arts and crafts, there’s some great eco-friendly sites to make projects. This is Eco-Dough (not shown) from and it’s eco-friendly dough. It’s actually made from fruit and vegetable extract and they’re each $24 a container which is great. Another great gift for crafty kids is the Cute Kitty Crayons. These are by Kitty Baby Love and those are $18 a set which is awesome so you can make a great project during the holidays.”

Picture 37 Cute Kitty Crayons – Kitty Baby Love video of screenshot courtesy of Consultancy Media

Picture 32 HEXBUG – Radio Shackvideo screenshot courtesy of Consultancy Media

Buy_nuddle_baby_SM Nuddle Blanket – Nuddle (20% off all Nuddles use code – shop20)

CR: What gifts do you suggest for the Sports Enthusiast in the family?

AO: “Well for sports enthusiasts I recommend maybe taking them to a game, get them outside, maybe not necessarily in the middle of winter but get them sports tickets, there’s soccer balls, there’s also so many games for Wii or for Connect. Xbox Connect is a big deal right now. You can get them games that they can play sports on the tv while they are at home. I think that’s great for sports enthusiasts.”

This gift is definitely on my list!

Picture 22 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants Tickets! (preferably on my birthday, June 12th =) )
-SF Giants


CR: Are board games still popular for kids?

AO: “Board games are definitely popular, there’s the Toy Story 3 Board game which is huge I know, but also instead of board games, the new way to enjoy time with the family would be with an iKaraoke machine like this one, it’s from and it’s about $170 but everyone can gather around and perform a little bit during the holidays. It’s just a fun way to celebrate and hand out together, also for other kids who love music there’s this roll up keyboard piano and you can take it with you on the go when you’re going to visit relatives. It’s battery operated and it’s about $58 at”

Picture 40 iKaraoke machine (call me a kid but I so want this) and the roll up keyboard piano – video of screenshot courtesy of Consultancy Media

ImageRoll Up Keyboard Piano – Fred Flare

CR: Do you have any tips for parents when purchasing electronic toys for their kids?

AO: “I definitely recommend checking out what it’s for. For example the Hexbug robots are for ages 8 and up because the main thing is you want to make sure the kids aren’t going to swallow it. After that I also honestly would ask the kids what they want and I would even start asking if you haven’t already, ask now because you want to get them something they love and these are all great ideas.”


Many thanks to Ms. Amy Oselkin for sharing her great tips when shopping for the kids this holiday season!


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