Interview: Last Minute Holiday Travel Tips with Travel Expert, Emily Kaufman

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Travel Expert, Emily Kaufman better known as "The Travel Mom" on last minute holiday travel and staying safe when traveling! You may recognize Ms. Kaufman from her frequent contributions to Good Morning America as well as various news programs and publications. She is also the author of newly released The Travel Mom's Ultimate Book of Family Travel.

Picture 79 The Travel Mom, Emily Kaufman

Candace Rose: What are the latest trends in travel?

Emily Kaufman: The big trend that we are seeing is travel is back and the deals are not going away, just because travel is back. So what we are seeing is a lot of added value offers; things like credits to be used for golf or spa or dining when you are at a property, extra nights free through different hotel chains, lots of deals with cruising because there's so many new cruise ships that were introduced and coming out, lots of of values with cruises and also we're seeing that technology is impacting travel more and more and making it easier and less stressful for everyone. I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about, I travel all the time for work and in my social life and I'm in a lot of different places, so I use YPmobiles app. to help me find what I need wherever I am. I downloaded it to my iPad, you can put it to your iPhone or your blackberry or your other mobile handheld device and it will tell you things like if you need medication, the closest drugstore.


Picture 60 Cruises are big this holiday season!

Picture 62 YPmobile for the iPad

Picture 69YPmobile for the iphone

CR: Why do you think we're seeing more people traveling?

EK: We're seeing more people traveling because the economy is starting to come back, also the deals are out there and the added values are terrific. The last couple years have been really staycations but people are now eager to move ahead and get back to travel.


CR: Do you have any flying tips before you board the plane?

EK: I do, so many people have gotten headaches lately over the TSA. I just want to remind everyone that the whole goal for TSA is to keep us safe and while it may not be exactly what we want, we've got to be patient and got to go through the security line because that's what it takes to keep us all safe. You know there are a lot of aches and pains that go along with trvel that are not just headache related to TSA, I'm somebody that does get aches and pains and nearly 75% of all other people that were surveyed do, so I've started using something called Thermacare HeatWraps. You put them on under your clothes, trouble spots like your lower back or neck. You get this deep penetrating heat that soothes your muscles and joints and it's more effective than the maximum does of acetaminophen, so is a great thing to turn to. I also want to mention to people bedbugs were a huge story over the last year and I've started to travel with something called "Stop Bugging Me" and what it is it's 100% effective at killing bedbugs and their eggs, it's also environmentally friendly, non toxic, comes in a travel size, so you can take it with you, spray all those surfaces that you might come in contact with like mattresses or floorboards. You can buy it at

Picture 72 ThermaCare Heat Wraps are perfect to treat sore muscles when traveling!


Picture 73 Thermacare

Picture 75 Beware of bedbugs when traveling!

Picture 78 Stop Bugging Me –

CR: Traveling can be hectic, especially during the holidays, do you have any tips on handling travel delays:

EK: I do, right now with the weather and the crowds we are expected, there will be bumps along the road, so make technology your travel companion. When you purchase your plane ticket, whether it's online or through the airline or directly through an online travel agency, proactively register so you can be alerted via text message or email about the travel delays, also bring along your patience, it is to be expected that it's going to be chaotic at this time of year. I tossed a lot of information, Candace about a lot of different things and all of it is in one place at



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