Interview: Staying Comfortable & Chic While Traveling With Polly Blitzer

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with former In Style magazine editor, Polly Blitzer founder of Beauty Blitz on how to stay chic while traveling. She is featured regularly on programs such as Entertainment Tonight, Showbiz Tonight, Fox News, CNN, CBS News and HSN.

Polly Blitzer press shot low-resPolly Blitzer – Beauty Blitz

Candace Rose: What do you suggest people wear when traveling, so that they're comfortable and chic?

Polly Blitzer: When you're traveling if you want to be comfortable and chic there are a couple of really key pieces that I think will help you do the job. First thing is to make sure you pack correctly. You don't want to deal with the hassle of package claiming and you also don't want to pay to check a bag, so a basic 20" bag that can fit into the overhead compartment and all you need to do is roll your clothing instead of folding because you'll be able to fit more, you know a whole week into one small suitcase and you won't crease your clothes. And I also say, be mindful of the items that you are packing – for example one simple pair of black stretchy leggings can double as a day look with a cardigan and flats or as an evening look with a ruffly top, a couple colorful bangles and a pair of heels. You can also work out in them, so you can just get versatility with a couple of easy pieces. 


Picture 8Roll your clothing instead of folding them to fit more in one suitcase – Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom

CR) The weather is always changing, especially in California, yesterday it was 81, today it's supposed to be a lot cooler. How do you suggest people pack with the weather in mind? 

PB) Well it's true you really never know what kind of weather curveballs you're going to get thrown, especially if you're away for a long time. I'm constantly on the road for my job and I always try to find the things that really, really work so I always make sure that I stash somewhere in my suitcase a small compact travel umbrella in case the rain starts coming and then also a pair of sunglasses so you're prepared for all the elements. When it comes to your beauty routine, you want to make sure that you have items that you're comfortable using but that are going to pass through TSA. These days you can get small minis from top brands so that you can get through TSA and not have to worry about things spilling or being confiscated. Also, look for items that multitask, for example a double tinted lip balm can double as a cream blush, you can sweep it along your brow bone to give some sheen to your look and rub it in to your cuticles because it does have those balm properties for style too, Candace. I think every woman should have a pashmina. You can get creative, you can wear it as a sarong to the beach, a shawl or even use it as an airplane blanket and I also like to be comfortable because being uncomfortable when you travel, lets face it causes stress right then and there. So one thing is to prevent tired achy legs. I love, love, love Futuro Hosiery by 3M. They're compression hosiery but they come in styles that look like regular socks. They have graduated compression that almost gives your legs this massage action, it energizes, it increases blood flow so you can sit there for the whole plane ride or a long car trip and actually feel good. They can help prevent that tired, achy leg feeling and swelling which are common symptoms when you're traveling, and I feel like as long as you're going to look good and look for style items you may as well find things that give you health and beauty benefits too. What's better than that?

Picture 20An umbrella and a pair of sunglasses are essential when traveling – Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom

Picture 22Mini beauty products are perfect for travel – Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom

Picture 23"A tinted lip balm can double as a cream blush…" – Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom

Picture 24Pashmina's are the perfect accessory – Screenshot for Vidicom

Picture 26Futuro Hosiery 3M – Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom

CR) I'm the type of person that feels the need to take every shoe I own on a trip. I have to have a tennis shoe, a heel, a flat and a couple pairs of boots. What do you suggest for people like me?! 😉

PB) I hear you, but I'm going to give you some tough love, Candace……SNAP OUT OF THAT HABIT! You may have a really bulky, plentiful shoe closet at home, but when it comes to traveling, all you need is one of pair of simple black flats, one pair of simple black heels, you could go for a bright color too, I'm not going to be hard with you on the color and then a really small pair of tennis shoes. You could actually wear the tennis shoes on the plane if they're really bulky but as long as you're taking up room in your suitcase use the compartments inside the shoe too. You could stuff some socks in there, put some beauty items that you're maximizing all the space with a minimal size bag, but I say leave the bulky boots at home. Who needs them? 

  Picture 27Simple black heels and flats are a must when traveling – Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom

CR) What's the best way to pack beauty products to prevent spillage? 

PB) I actually sometimes put a little bit of masking tape on top, so that the lids don't open and then also put them inside a little sandwich bag. A 1 quart bag is what you're allowed to bring and fill them up with 1.7 or less items and you'll be able to fit your whole beauty routine from hair to skin to makeup into one small compartment. 


CR) Do you have any other tips for traveling? 

PB)  I absolutely do, it's important to stay hydrated, so make sure that you drink a lot of water, but buy the water after you pass through TSA and pack some colorful bright pops of jewelry a simple pink bangle could jazz up a basic jeans, t-shirt or leggings look and just get creative and think outside the box because as long as you have comfortable fabrics that are seasonal, bring lots of layers, no matter what kind of weather or occasion you have, you can pile them on or take them off and make sure that you're comfortable and stylish!

Picture 28Colorful bangles to "jazz" up any outfit – Screenshot courtesy of Vidicom

Many thanks to Ms. Polly Blitzer for her wonderful advice on staying comfortable and chic while traveling! Be sure to visit her fabulous beauty magazine, Beauty Blitz!



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    love your interviews and always learn something new from them. enjoy your thanksgiving ;)!

  2. November 23, 2010 / 2:53 pm

    Thanks Ms. Cindy, I am so glad! 🙂 I have one set to post tomorrow on prepping for holiday celebrations….from the decor to the meal 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you, Scott and Charlie =)

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