First Time World Series Champions, OUR San Francisco Giants!

    I am not going to lie, I was not just secretly hoping, I was very vocally hoping for a New York Yankees/San Francisco Giants World Series. Three years ago I attended the first series between the Yanks and Gigantes in SF since they played in 1962 and it is something I will never forget. I was in awe seeing many Yankee and Giants greats of years past and of course watching Roger Clemens pitch to Barry Bonds, which is something you don't see on a daily basis. Well, my dream of a Yankees/Giants World Series didn't come true, but my dream that the San Francisco Giants would win their first World Series Championship since moving to SF did. The last World Series won by the Giants took place on October 2, 1954, back when they were the New York Giants. Four years later (1958) they moved across the country to San Fran and hadn't won a World Championship since.

    I remember the Battle of the Bay series between the Giants and the Oakland A's in 1989 as if it was yesterday. We were celebrating my grandma's 69th birthday when the big Loma Prieta earthquake hit, just two hours away and we felt it. The Giants succumbed to the Athletics in that series, and despite making it to the World Series again in 2002, they were still waiting for their big win.

    To think twenty one years later, and just 15 days after her 90th birthday, my grandmother was watching, we were all watching, and they won. WOW. If only Pitcher, Tim Lincecum knew that this sweet little old lady, my grandmother that is, thinks he needs to cut his hair (we heard it throughout the game, loud and clear.) Mark my word, if she was well enough to go to the Ticker parade on Wednesday, she'd be right there to tell him that too. Congratulations to my San Francisco Giants on an outstanding season and winning their first World Series since moving to the west coast! Here's to many, many more!

Fear The Beard!

J5b8bcLE This family loves Gerald "Buster" Posey & Brian Wilson – SFGIANTS.COM


Giants-world-series-dogpile San Francisco Giants – MSNBC

– To answer your questions, yes I bought the shirt featured in my "Retro Sport Look post"

Yes, I've worn it. And yes, I truly believe it brought them amazing luck! 😉

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