Book Review: The Shopping Diet by Phillip Bloch


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    A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the top Celebrity Stylists in the world, Mr. Phillip Bloch, who has styled the likes of Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson, John Travolta, Sandra Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith. Phillip stated at the time of our interview, "as a stylist, I always want my client to look like themselves, but even better" and "now more than ever all us "recessionistas" want to look good and not spend a lot of money."

    Well, "all us recessionistas" are in luck, as Bloch recently authored the book "The Shopping Diet". He sent me a copy to review and I'm pleased to say the book is absolutely fabulous! Not only does Phillip offer tips on finding the best bargains, he teaches you how to shop for your body type, the importance of loving your body type (which many of us women have a hard time doing), nourishing your "It" factor, how to find your personal style, reorganizing your space and how to reinvent favorite clothing items and much, much more! Here's a tidbit – did you know that Christie Brinkley creates Halloween costumes for her kids and herself from items in her closet that no longer work? How great is that?



I'd also like to share two of my favorite "Blochbuster tips" from The Shopping Diet –

"When it comes to shopping over the internet, television or via catalogs, be aware of inevitable shipping and handling charges. Often items will be shipped separately and you will incur each individual charge. That can add up to a big and surprising dollar amount. Make sure to ask about shipping and handling before you make your purchase, and feel free to negotiate alternative shipping solutions." – Phillip Bloch

"Just like rising and falling hemlines, taxes are inevitable and should be factored into your shopping diet. You can pay anywhere from 7 to 30 percent on your purchases. Never look at the price tag on a piece of clothing as the price you will be paying—always factor in the tax before you head to the cashier to save you the surprise when you see your total. Keep in mind that some states offer tax-free days as incentives to go out and buy. Mark these on your calendar, especially if you're planning on making any big purchases. Look into the sales tax rules and regulations of your state and make a note of the perks..and the drawbacks. That's also true when traveling: You don't want that souvenir to cost the same as your airfare home!" – Phillip Bloch


The Shopping Diet would make the perfect Christmas gift for yourself and your favorite fashionistas! It is available at for purchase.


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