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I recently had the opportunity of interviewing Celebrity Stylist, Julie Weiss who has had the pleasure of working on music videos, editorials and commercials with the likes of musicians and actors, Kanye West, Britney Spears, Kid Rock, Mandy Moore, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jessica Simpson and Terrence Howard to name a few. She was gracious enough to share her fashion tips for fall, define "fashionality" and more!

281x211 Julie was a Senior Stylist on MTV's Styl'd in November 2009 – MTV

Candace Rose: What is fashionality?

Julie Weiss: "What is fashionality? Well, I think fashionality is your fashion I.Q. I think it's a mix of function, style and individuality, and it's really about what makes you feel good, what you choose to put on, how you choose to get dressed and go out for the day, whether you part your hair down the middle, you put it in a ponytail, you wear a dress that day, you do a denim look with boots, you throw a bunch of accessories on, you throw on a really great poppy watch on to brighten up your wardrobe. It's just really about who you are and who you want to be and how you want to be perceived through fashion."

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CR: What does ones fashion personality say about them? Is it easy to classify one? Say you're an eclectic – one day you wear classic and the next day you're boho?

JW: "Well you know what I've actually put together five looks that I think are big trends for the fall season, that I classified that way into different titles so to speak, so I'm going to walk you through a few of the models that I put looks together for- 


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First I have Stacy and she's in a little black and white dress, with a black leather cropped jacket, really fun and edgy for fall. I put a pink watch on one arm because it's a little bit glamorous, really girly, really fun, really poppy, so I'd say she's "rocker chic." So that's her personality and in my opinion with what I did with this look. I added some pearls to make it even more feminine because statement pieces this fall are huge, so wearing lots of accessories is a really big trend.

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On the other hand you know maybe she's a little bit less girly and she's more rocker chic, so I put a black watch on the other hand and it has a little bit of pink detail and it's a nice resin band, but it's not as girly, so there's two different personalities you're getting out of this same exact wardrobe with these two different colored watches."

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Then I have Nicole, she is the hipster of the group and I did two different variations on her. I did the orange watch which is really poppy and fun and great for Halloween and I did a bunch of really fun rhinestone and gold bracelets the kind of remind me of Rihanna, kind of have that urband feel. On the other hand I did a more green, more of the 80's revival look. It has the turquoise detail and the nice little silver metallic and green and blue mixture. It's just kind of two different looks with the same outfit; two dfferent personalities.

Picture 34 Screen shot of Candace Rose/Julie Weiss Interview – courtesy of Vidicom

Picture 33 Screen shot of Candace Rose/Julie Weiss Interview – courtesy of Vidicom

And on the third model I have something that's more straightforward that I feel more approachable for most women and most girls out there today and especially during the fall season. We did the skinny jeans with boots, a blazer, a t-shirt and a scarf.

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There's so many different variations you can work around this, with changing the scarf to the favorite color that you have or the right length blazer, whatever it is. And I put the silver watch with purple detail because I feel that's the most neutral of the bunch. So she's more of the laid-back, trendy but not over the top, but kind of the laid-back style personality of the bunch. So there's five different kinds of girls within three looks you can get out with these watches. Because they're all so different, and they offer different colors is really important and big about a person's personality, what they gravitate twoards, what kind of defines them, you know through their individuality, through their style and of course the function of the watches is another great thing to have as an accessory that is fashionable, where you can look down and read the time."


CR: Are there certain colors that say "certain things" about people? Say I like the color turquoise, does that say anything about me?

JW: "No, I love the color turquoise too. I think that's something about individuality which is really great that all these watches have all these different colors in them and they have two colors with each watch, so you really can find your favorite color. I don't know if that says anything about your fashionality, I think it's individuality but all colors are great and fun and turquoise is actually a really big color for fall. So lucky you, because you'll be wearing a lot of great pieces, a lot of fun turquoise in your wardrobe!"

_6152506ChloĆ© 'Heloise' Leather Hobo – Nordstrom


CR: What are your favorite trends for fall?

JW: The military look is really great, I love feminine lace with the edgy leather pants, animal print. I always love leopard. Don't get rid of any leopard, it always comes back. Boho is a little bit big for fall which is ironic. The list goes on. Everything comes back. I hate to say, but it's great because you can hold on to pieces. For more information, if you go to the website, there's a lot more information and fun stuff to read."

Boho and feminine lace for fall….

_6233647 Free People 'Rajah's Boho' Jersey Blouse – Nordstrom

CR: Is there one trend you wish would disappear?

JW: "I don't love palazzo pants or bell bottoms. I think it's over the top. Let's go skinny or straight or maybe boot cut, but I think over the top with the 70's palazzo/bell bottom is not attractive, it's not my favorite look."

Say NO to Bell Bottoms and YES to Skinny Jeans!

Joesj2017826186_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831755976_347x683 Joe's Jeans Chelsea Skinny Jeans – Shopbop


CR: You were on MTV Styl'd last year, will you be doing any more reality tv?

JW: "I actually am. I'm working on a new show right now that will be out in a few months."


Many thanks to Julie Weiss! To learn more about Ms. Weiss, be sure to head over to her website, Julie Weiss Celebrity Stylist



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    I bought a pair of jeans and shoes like that two years ago overseas. When I came back everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Now they’re everywhere.

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    I love the jeans and shoes. Every thing looking beautiful. I am so excited for bring it. It such an excellent and simple jeans.

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