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I hope your week has gotten off to a great start! After a very mild summer weather wise, we are finally experiencing some HEAT! While I'm usually not a fan of super hot temps, I am kind of liking this! I'm not ready to bid summer adieu, really I'm not…but these lovely Burberry items are gorgeous enough to possibly change my mind. Here's the deal, I'm secretly hoping it'll stay in the 100's a little longer, just as long as I can find a way to purchase everything on my list in time for colder temps. That's practical right?! 😉


_6171353 Burberry Brit Toggle Coat (Military Red) – Nordstrom
_6201263 Burberry London Check Print Taffeta Trench – Nordstrom
4cc48x5 Actress, Amanda Bynes in a Burberry Shawl – Purse Blog Forum

Winter-style-blake-lively-de Actress, Blake Lively in a Burberry Scarf. – Harpers Bazaar


This is all I want for Christmas, I promise! Okay, okay….and Bradley Cooper! 😉

_5680595 Burberry Giant Check Cashmere Scarf (Classic Check) – Nordstrom





Jessica Simpson in a Burberry Newsboy Cap – Louis Vuitton Review


Burberry Check Print Newsboy Cap – Nordstrom


Gwyneth Paltrow in a Burberry Trench Coat – In Style


Rachel Bilson in a Camel colored Burberry Trench Coat – In Style


Burberry London Wool & Cashmere Coat – Nordstrom

_5987707 Burberry Brit Double Breasted Trench Coat (Color Trench) – Nordstrom
_6170579 Burberry London Double Breasted Wool & Cashmere Trench (Medium Grey Melange) – Nordstrom

Love this, unfortunately it's backordered until 12/14 on Nordstrom.com


Burberry Mega Check Wool Ruana (Camel Check) – Nordstrom

From now until October 27th get Free Shipping on your entire purchase @ Nordies when you buy a pair of SHOES! Coupon code- SHOES


Burberry Buckle Strap Suede Boot – Nordstrom


  Burberry Studded Leather Shopper (Black & Gold) – Nordstrom

_6161282 Burberry Quilted Patent Leather Tote (Black)  – Nordstrom
_6052587 Burberry Leather Tote (Light Tan) – Nordstrom


_5732655 Burberry Check Compact Umbrella (Camel Check) – Nordstrom
   How cute is this skirt???? Too bad it's infant size. It should be my size! ;(

_6185971 Burberry Check Kilt (Infant) – Nordstrom

For the uber chic baby….


_6167144 Burberry Check Toggle Coat – Infant (Nova Check) – Nordstrom




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