My Freddy Boy is FAMOUS! Vote him a WINNER for MNF! GO PACK GO!

On Friday I was approached by a Producer in Chicago who'd found a photo I'd taken of Freddy in a Green Bay Packers jersey (forgive me it's Brett Favre, we haven't upgraded yet) and wanted to use it for a contest they were running and to also feature it on their morning program! The contest is running until 9pm central time and poor poopty pants is losing 🙁 Boooh! If you think Freddy the Weimaraner is super cute in his GB Packers attire please VOTE for him! If you happened to see him on tv this morning please do share as I'm so sad I'm in California and missed it! Thank you!!!

Picture 12 "Freddy is a Weimaraner who just turned a year in August. He loves his family, playing frisbee, chasing lizards and the Green Bay Packers."  If you'd like to check out the website and vote for my Freddy boy, please visit WCIU Cat VS DOG


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  1. September 27, 2010 / 12:58 pm

    Nice!!! I love it. I’ll keep clicking on to vote throughout the night! Go Freddy!!! anyway,he’s still a winner no matter what! xo-Mary

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