An End To The Silent Killer Ovarian Cancer

    There are times in life when we're privileged enough to meet people who encourage us, inspire us and mold us into who we never thought we could be. In 2004 after transferring from a junior college to Sacramento State I was fortunate to take a journalism class with Professor, Dr. Leah Vande Berg. I was warned prior taking her class what a tough cookie she was, and that I should think it over. As someone who doesn't judge people prior to meeting them, I didn't listen to the jargon. I will never forget the first day of class when Leah told us that she had been battling Ovarian Cancer but was now in remission. She was so thrilled that her hair was finally growing back and was optimistic about her future. For the first time in a class I was comfortable debating others and voicing my opinions. While visiting during her office hours she assured me (despite what others told me) that "journalism is a noble profession." A few months later while out shopping, I ran into Dr. Vande Berg at the mall, when I told her I'd see her that week in class, she mentioned that she was going in for surgery, but would do everything she could to be back. I hoped and prayed that the cancer hadn't returned and that this was just a fluke. When I saw her in class that week I figured everything was okay, but unfortunately it wasn't. Leah mentioned that a Professor was going to be temporarily taking over the course, but she would be back.

    The last time she returned it was to apologize for dying as Dr. Vande Berg wasn't given more than a few months to live. Her husband, also a Professor on campus organized a surprise Christmas Carol for her. Many of Leah's students showed up in front of her home in November singing Christmas carols in her honor. Christmas lights adorned the front of their house as if it was the middle of December. I will never forget the look of glee and surprise on her face as her husband escorted her from inside their home. An empty chair was waiting for her on their sidewalk as everyone serenaded her. When I went to give her a hug, I didn't think she would know me by name as she had so many students. I was shocked yet impressed when she said, "Candi how sweet of you to come by." My mom made her one of her signature quilted Christmas ornaments in the color teal, in honor of what she was going through. It'll be six years on December 13 that she passed away, and to this day I have never forgotten nor will I ever forget how she strengthened this girl to become the woman she is today. God bless Leah and everyone else who has fought or is currently fighting this battle.

In her honor from now until the end of September I will be donating 10% from each sale in my etsy shop to The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.


Yesterday I was touched by etsians who shared with me how Ovarian Cancer has affected their lives. I'm truly honored to be featuring their work and how they're paying tribute to their mothers, friends and dear loved ones.

Il_fullxfull.173131541The kit includes a tea bag, a pen, a notebook, crackers, tissues, hershey hugs and kisses, life savers candies and “a little hope” poem (the poem is absolutely beautiful and is featured in her shop)

A Little Bit Of Hope Special Edition – Quick Kits

"10% of sales of sales from these kits are donated to The National Cancer Institute to the National Cancer Insititute (in your choice of cancer research) and another 10% to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance in honor of my mom." – Quick Kits



Sweetie Pie Design – Size 2T Gilda Sundress – Ready to Ship — 100 percent of the proceeds from this dress will be donated to further Ovarian Cancer research – by Sweetiepiedesign

"This Dress is named the Gilda Dress after the funny lady Gilda Radner who died too young of ovarian cancer in 1989. In an effort to further research and find a cure, 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this dress will be donated to " – Sweetie Pie Design


Il_fullxfull.172678608Ovarian Cancer Awareness Handstamped Sterling Silver Circle Keychain – Cindyludesigns

"$5 of each sale will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Southwest Ohio" – Cindylu Designs


Il_fullxfull.158210866 Women's Teal Cancer Awareness Bracelet – Be Well Designs

"I am donating to the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance – " – Be Well Designs


Il_fullxfull.171135904 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Teal Flower on Black Dupioni Silk Wrapped Headband – LouLouTuTu

"50% of every headband purchased will be donated to help raise awareness and fund research to help stop this disease. Please visit for more information." – Loulou TuTu


Il_fullxfull.62131604 Teal Awareness Bracelet Ovarian Cancer – DiwaDesigns

"20% of the purchase price for each bracelet will be donated for cancer research. Donations will be made to the following foundation or you may specify the organization of your choice: Ovarian Cancer Research Fund For more info visit: " – Diwa Designs


Il_fullxfull.176586308 Brave Girl 5 x 7 Greeting Card Whimsical Mixed Media – JCSpock

"My friend and I have partnered with FORCE (Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered)- – and will be donating 50% of the proceeds on all "Brave Girl" items to this non-profit organization which offers support, education, advocacy, awareness, and research specific to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. You can see my Brave Girl piece listed on their site:


Angel wing Annette's Angels Angelic Pendant – Annette's Angels

Angel wings toggle 2 Annette's Angels – Angel Wings Toggle Necklace – Annette's Angels

Heart Wings Regular Annette's Angels – Heart Of Wings – Annette's Angels

Annette's Angels gives 50% of each item sold to FORCE (Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered) as well. 


If you'll be making any purchases at Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Apple iTunes, Best Buy, among many other well known stores, be sure and visit Support Ovarian Cancer Shopping Alliance beforehand as they will donate (a percentage or fixed amount) to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance for every purchase made.



  1. September 23, 2010 / 7:02 am

    Wow…..very inspiring and powerful, I had to come say something. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story, Candi! These items above just gorgeous. I’m really moved by the BraveGirl card. Its sentiment is right on.

  2. September 23, 2010 / 12:15 pm

    What a lovely post. I’m sure she is up there smiling and very proud of you! I still need to get my teal pedi!

  3. Kendra
    September 24, 2010 / 2:29 am

    What an amazing lady and story! My mom is fighting a very similar battle with a rare uterine cancer. God bless the courageous women who fight with all they have and inspire us more than they’ll ever know;)

  4. September 25, 2010 / 11:41 am

    Candi, what a moving post; I am really at the edge of tears.
    Thank you for sharing your story and for including me in your collection.
    I am honored and humbled all at once.
    Best wishes to all of us raising money for this important cause.
    ♥ j.c.spock

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