Eco-Tone™ Color System + Free 4 OZ Sample

    As someone who suffers from allergies and has pets I try to live my life as green as possible. That's why when I heard about a new product that adds color to wood flooring and has 1/10 the toxicity, I knew I had to share! It's water based, doesn't contain harsh chemicals and has little to no fumes, which is very important, especially for those with breathing problems, the elderly, homes with small children or pets. 

 Sansin Corporation which has lead the interior industry in researching and developing environmentally friendly products "for over a quarter of a century" recently developed a new product called Eco-Tone™ Color System which is a color additive to their Purity Interior 0-VOC Stain. 

"We’ve also pioneered a whole new colour system we call ‘MicroFine’. Instead of using toxic dyes to achieve colour – as many competitive coatings do – we use pure pigments ground so fine they are able to combine with the protective oils and resins in our Purity 0-VOC Stain on a molecular level. Once applied to your home interior, they penetrate deeply, pulling the pigmentation down into the wood for color that is so vibrant and crisp it has to be seen to be believed – not to mention longer-lasting color performance."

For those of you interested in ordering a FREE 4 OZ Sample can, you may do so by heading over to

It's available in these 16 Colors



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  1. June 3, 2010 / 7:50 am

    Good to know – last time we redid our floors I remember not being able to be in the house for awhile. Not good!

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