Birds Of A Feather…..

    Every spring I look forward to the flowers blooming, sunny temps and the return of the Swallows. This might come as a surprise since I am not a bird person; they scare me half to death, but when it comes to the adorable Swallows I'm smitten. This year they arrived in May and I would have to say they were pretty pleased since the two nests they built last year were still intact! When sitting at the kitchen table we had a perfect view of the mama at feeding time, and every night she was there to keep them warm. This year the family was the biggest yet, with FIVE babies! It was a little cramped to say the least, but nonetheless they were as cute as can be! In less than two weeks they were fully grown and ready to leave the nest. Although I was sad to see them go, I'm always happy when they return the following year. 



(Please excuse the poor quality, I didn't want to startle them, so I was taking pictures from inside the house through the window panes )

    Last night my puppy Freddy found a squirrel and managed to chase him off our property and onto to our rural road. I was furious but thankfully my neighbor was able to catch him as he didn't listen to me calling his name! In a way him taking off last night was a blessing in disguise since I found one of the babies near the road with an injured wing. We contacted a neighbor who raises birds that told us that there probably wasn't anything we could do and he'd die during the night. This was sad to swallow (no pun intended), especially since we'd watched him grow. Last night we set something up for him, and thankfully he was alive this morning when we got up. His mom was still feeding him, but his little wing was so busted a cat or another animal would have gotten to him. I wasn't about to just let him die without finding somewhere to take him to possibly be rehabilitated. I had a very hard time finding places in the Sacramento area that take injured birds, but thankfully found one about 30 miles away in Jackson. They work strictly on donations and 70% of the injured animals arrive from May to August. I wanted to share their contact information here in case someone from Northern California finds themselves in a similar situation:

Tri County Wildlife

Ph: 209-547-3233 

(Please follow the link for more info on how to rescue baby song birds)

We took the bird to:

Hours: Mon- Sat 8 to 6, Sun 9 to 5
11261 Prospect Drive Jackson, Ca. 95642

Proud supporters of A-PAL Humane Society and Tricounty Wildlife Care

Many, many thanks to both Tri County Wildlife and Feed Barn for all you do!


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  1. June 29, 2010 / 10:35 am

    they are wonderful and so are you!

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