Hearting Anthro Curtains!

Anthropologie never ceases to amaze me. I get more inspiration from their catalog and website than any design magazine I subscribe to. I'm in the market for curtains for my never-ending-project-of-a-bedroom, here are a few I'm currently coveting –


Muted Gleam Curtain – Anthropologie



Marrakech Curtain – Anthropologie



Aniko Curtain – Anthropologie



Viceroy Velvet Curtain – Anthropologie


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  1. May 20, 2010 / 10:18 am

    The second pair is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. May 20, 2010 / 10:07 pm

    i am obsessed as well! everything that stores does speaks to my heart.

  3. May 23, 2010 / 9:08 pm

    Great curtains! I’m looking for window treatments for my boyfriend’s house and those last ones are gorgeous.

  4. Shutters Perth
    February 16, 2011 / 3:29 am

    That was such a lovely tips and details for such adorable curtain. I’m just too hook with fabric stuffs especially curtains that I can’t help my self dropped by and take an eagerly jealous look:)That adorably great window accessory is really very lovely.

  5. February 3, 2012 / 10:24 am

    Excellent curtains! I’m looking for shades for my boyfriend’s home and those last ones are magnificent.

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