Celebrity Interview: Entertainment Reporter, Dayna Devon talks skincare and milestone birthdays!


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On Wednesday, May 12th I had the pleasure of interviewing Entertainment Reporter, Dayna Devon on skin care, celebrating milestone birthday's and discussing how 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20!

Candace Rose: You look fantastic, do you have any tips for keeping a youthful appearance?

Dayna Devon: "I started seeing some really kind of deep lines right from the corner of my nose to the tip of my mouth. As we get older we lose facial volume which is one of the reasons we start looking older, and so I got Juvederm in that crease. It's funny because when I did it, I did the one side first and then I was looking in the mirror before I did the other side and it had done such a good job of replacing that facial volume and it was this smooth, natural look and I was just so excited, it was just immediate gratification, you know it's like shopping. It's like you get something right then. I was so excited about it that I was literally telling everybody about it. The irony is you don't have to tell anybody if you don't want to because nobody could tell that you did it. It was just so exciting to me that, I know you're probably like me and have a ton of creams and all these different things that you buy, but it was one of the only things that really, really worked just like it said it did."


Dayna Devon Juvederm – Facebook Juvederm

Candace Rose: Is it painful?

Dayna Devon: "Here's the thing, the regular Juvederm can be painful when you get it. I've used a topical anesthetic before so it wasn't as painful but it can be painful. Now they have Juvederm XC which has Lidocaine  in it, it's the same Juvederm formulation (but it has Lidocaine in it.) The anesthetic kicks it in like seconds, it's so much better. All the people that always wanted to get Juvederm but were a little bit worried about the pain, it makes it such a more comfortable experience than before."

Candace Rose: Can it be done in one office visit?

Dayna Devon: YES! You can got in and have a consultation, you can mostly like get it right then and by the way, I highly encourage that you go to a a doctor, have a conversation, have a consultation, tell him what your concerns are. Juvederm is not for everybody, but I certainly love it. It certainly worked for me, but do definitely go to a really good doctor and have that conversation with him.


Dayna Devon – Medical, Marketing & Media

Candace Rose:  What about say for fine lines, crows feet, age spots? Can it fill "stuff" like that in?

Dayna Devon: It's mainly for the nasal labial fold, those deep lines. I didn't even realize how much the mid-face area is even involved in the aging process. It's funny, now I'm obsessed with that, like every person I see I look at those lines but that's where the aging happened on me, and that's why this was so effective.

Candace Rose: How much does it cost?

Dayna Devon: That's a really good question, it's going to depend. On average for the first time it's between $600 and $800 for a treatment, but here's the thing, it lasts for a full year, so if you look at how much it would be divided by 12, it's actually not so bad and it really does last a whole year. I did this in March and I won't have to go go back until next March, it lasts that long. It's kind of one of those great things, you do it and don't have to think about it again for a long time. It's really good for working women like yourself, me, busy moms, that kind of thing.


Dayna Devon with daughter Emmi – Celebrity Babies People

Candace Rose: What advice do you have for women turning/approaching milestone birthdays? 

Dayna Devon: One thing I did was, as embarrassing as this is, I stood naked in a mirror and asked what needs to happen here and the answer was a lot, but especially in the buttocks area. I just decided to take an honest look at myself. I didn't want 40 to be be as good as it gets, I really wanted to grow from here and be better as I got older. I hate exercising, I decided I had to do it and not just minimal exercise, I'm talking about vigorous challenging exercise about 4 to 5 hours a week. I decided I had to really be good about sunscreen, I haven't been in the past and I'm really good about it with my kids. I even on top of that wear a hat. That's one of the primary reasons for aging. I use Retin-A a lot at night and I make sure I get sleep. I know sometimes that's not the sexiest tip but it really works for me and I really try to up the levels of vegetables and fruits in my diet. I wanted to not only live longer, I want to live better and I want to increase the quality. So far those are really working for me.


Dayna Devon – Fan Pix

Candace Rose: What SPF do you recommend?

Dayna Devon: "Many women think that their sunscreen is in their makeup and that's not necessarily true. Some maybe, but for the most part, you probably need a separate sunscreen that has UVA and UVB protection. I would say a 30 or above, now they have up to SPF 100, but I use the highest number I can get. I try to get a 50. I have Melanoma that runs in my family, I have to be particularly careful, but you know sunscreen is so important. I was the same was as everyone, I was really young, they'll have a cure for wrinkles when I get older. I have a lot of sun damage I wish I hadn't done and nobody could tell me when I was that young. I hope somebody out there listens because it could absolutely make a difference in your skin as you get older."

Candace Rose: How do you feel lifestyle and skincare play a role in ones age and appearance?

Dayna Devon: "Oh so much! I mean so much! It's funny because I have an entire huge vanity full of creams, potions and all that kind of stuff and very few of them I think honestly work. I don't think a lot of them work. I have found that Retin-A and Renova (a gentler version) are a very important part of my routine and that's why I love Juvederm, because it really, really works like it says it does. It's one of the few things to me in this world that actually says what it says it's going to do. You can actually see it go in, see the difference, to me it actually delivers. 


Dayna and her lovely family! – Celebrity Babies People

Candace Rose: My Readers and I would love to hear what's going on in your busy career!

Dayna Devon: What I'm doing right now is, I've been traveling the country with Juvederm for this campaign we've teamed up and also for the first time I'm actually kind of a full-time mom which is great and I'm training for a triathlon and I'm working on a book proposal and I'm working on some different tv opportunities. Oprah Winfrey's leaving, Tyra's leaving, there's a whole bunch of areas that are opening in the television world. Oprah's starting her own network, so there's a whole lot of new opportunities out there that I'm hoping that one will be right for me.


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