Product Review: Madame Paulette Stain Remover

    I recently had the opportunity of reviewing highly acclaimed, world renowned Couture Cleaner, Madame Paulette's stain remover and jumped at the chance. As someone who usually spills something on herself when at lunch or dinner I knew this was something I had to see for myself. I've heard many people rave about stain removers but I had never had much luck. I knew after reading the company testimonials by Martha Stewart Wedding, Lucky, Vera Wang, Hermes (the star studded list goes on and on) that if anyone could help me with my dilemma they could!

    I was sent out a Professional Stain Kit which has three different types of stain removers. One is for Earth Based Stains (alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, coffee, jelly, soda), the second is for Protein Based Stains (Blood, Dairy products, Perspiration, Vomit) and the third is for Oil Based Stains (cooking oils, bacon grease, lotions/creams, mayonnaise, grease/oil, dressings). Each kit provides instructions on how to clean the clothing/garment and also contains special instructions in case you were to get a complex stain such as ink, lipstick, liquid make-up, etc. 


    On Saturday while out to lunch, I unfortunately spilled food on my brand new J Crew top (Perfect-Fit  Cascade Tee – ON MY LIST). I was so upset about it, mostly at myself. I often wonder how I get more food on my clothing than in my mouth?! Thankfully I followed the simple instructions and voila the stain was gone. I didn't have to throw it in the washer or anything which was a PLUS since I had places to go,  people to see and was nowhere near my home. 

    I highly recommend this stain removal kit, it is very easy to use, isn't messy, and is small enough to take with you in your handbag or leave in your glove box. They're very inexpensive at $12.50 for one kit, two kits for $20, and five kits for $37.50. Oh and did I mention that the wonderful people at Madame Paulette have been kind enough to offer the readers of Candace Rose a discount?! That is a fact!

    Simply enter code 15stainkit for 15% off at time of purchase.


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