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    No matter where you turn from commercials, magazine ads, drugstores, department stores, the internet and high end boutiques you can't hide from companies stating they've found the next best mascara. We all want longer, thicker lashes, but how many of us have been able to attain this? I'm not going to lie, I've been reeled in once or twice, okay make it a dozen times by department store mascara campaigns, I'd like to think I'm not the only one….am I?

    If you're a fan of ABC's Dancing With The Stars, you may have noticed dancer, Edyta Sliwinska's super long lashes. They may look like false lashes, but truth be told they're not. If you have $150 you too can have lashes as glamorous and long as Ms. Edyta's courtesy of Neulash, "a product which delivers rich protein, vitamins, moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients to replenish and strengthen the structure of lashes, while adding shine and elasticity."

Edyta Sliwinska' Dancing with the stars

Edyta DWTS Neulash

    Check out this AMAZING before and after:

Before Renee Close up neulash

neulash eyelashes

That's pretty incredible!


Anyone willing to donate $150? 😉


Neulash is available at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores everywhere; as well as online.



  1. November 12, 2009 / 5:24 am

    Yes yes i want want longer and thicker lashes too! Mine is just {to me} short short short. >_< This mascara looks amazing and costly too! Would be sooo nice to have one. 🙂 Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. November 12, 2009 / 7:04 am

    okay…that is something i definitely need.

    i once tried lash extensions and the removal process traumatized me and my lashes. i swear i had fully lashes before i did that so now i long for the fablashes.

    this is going on my x-mas wishlist for sure!

  3. November 12, 2009 / 7:07 pm

    This freaks me out. I read a warning for it somewhere that said it could stain your eyelids too. Weird. I’ll give it a few years of being on the market before considering it!

  4. November 12, 2009 / 7:13 pm

    I haven’t heard any warnings about this one, I have heard warnings about Latisse. Thanks for letting me know.

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